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Jason in the Snow

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Bacally jason in the snow chang people.. How cool is that... There is alot that can be done..

How i see it

1) Kit Turner 20 Year old law school student is in colorado and says "Be rigth back" to his fiance 20 year old Kathleen right before they get ready to sleep. He goes out for a smoke and proceeeds to urinate. In comes Jason walking past a snowman who pulls the carrot and ninja throws it in Kit's eye.

2) 2 Brothers Brad and Davis are on a ski trip getting away from their alcoholic mother back home in

idaho. They zoom down mountain . One brother takes one trail and the other brother takes the other. Davis plugs in his Ipod and swishes down mountain. In comes jason on a snowboard mittens, scarf and snow hat.The cute hat tho the one with the fuzzy ball on top. .Jason swooshes in from behind lifting his ski pole betwen davis's leg, picks him and throws him off of mountian. He then stops, pulls out chapstick does his buness then zooms off..

3) Santa is dropping off the presents minding his own buness when jason pulls off christmas lights from the newly decorated jenkin's house, lasso's santa,cracks his necks then leaves him on roof for everyone to see next morning..
Wigglethis Tuesday 6/16/2009 at 02:14 PM | 48530
LMFAO....your too much :)
kweandee Tuesday 6/16/2009 at 02:29 PM | 48532