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My next review is of a British effort called GNAW. Kids are going misng in the English countryde with kids being teenagers/young adults. A group of young adults decide to go on holiday to an old historic house that has been turned into a bed and breakfast type deal....and then the fun begins.

The cinematography was very well done as was the locations. The actual places/buildings they filmed at were geniunely super creepy to be honest.

The acting was well done ung relative unknowns...at least to me.

The story again has been done a million and one times before and there are no real twists until the very end. For whatever reason, a couple of sub plots were started but were never really fleshed out...such as one of the male leads and his lead girlfriend....and his lead girl on the de...all together at the house. The two girls are right next door to each other and he goes from room to room....and NOBODY NOTICES!!?? And....one of them is pregnant?!?! but yeah....

It is a decent little film. It kept my attention the entire time. The killer/slasher/whatever you want to call it is probably the least scary, robotic, mentally retarded, non acting one I have ever run across in all the movies I have ever watched...and that is really saying something. I did almost FF past some of the scenes with him...because it was just that monotonous.

This film comes out I think here in the states in August. Definitely not one to buy....but if you are bored on night and enjoy cannibal films, it would posbly be worth renting.

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Thursday 6/25/2009 at 02:27 AM | 49156