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flash in the past....old stuff from back in the day...

hey guys,

i recently ran across a few of these pictures in my photobucket account so i figured i would post them...

Homicidal9 Sunday 6/28/2009 at 01:52 AM | 49384
Homicidal9 Sunday 6/28/2009 at 01:57 AM | 49385
Very cool man.....thanks for posting! I like that shrunken head/leatherface looking mask!
ny ghoul Sunday 6/28/2009 at 02:20 AM | 49389
Awesome pics and I love the Cropsy mask.
cropsy Sunday 6/28/2009 at 02:24 AM | 49391

Oh where, oh where has my KW gone?
DrenTheLiar Sunday 6/28/2009 at 03:12 AM | 49392
I really like that Frankenstein.
gummi Sunday 6/28/2009 at 04:57 AM | 49397
That is BOMB Tommy!!! I seen a few things amoungst your past collection that I really like. That Pam head is pretty kool... I've only ever seen 2 Pams and that is HSS Pam and the one from

I like your VS Jason Undermask and Hock and I like the Tarman take!

Pretty Sweet pics man!!!

Harry Warden Sunday 6/28/2009 at 06:11 AM | 49402
Awesome slasher display and collection.

What's the 3rd from the last pic? Looks like a LF with a mowhawk
kaizu Sunday 6/28/2009 at 02:34 PM | 49414
thanks for the comments guys. The Voorhees head was one done by MMFX way back when.

The one with the mohawk is called leather head i think. It was the creation of Matt Green...

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Sunday 6/28/2009 at 03:03 PM | 49415
those are some kick ass collections shots. i love the voorhees displays and the roy takes the cake in my book.
pamelavoorheesRIP Sunday 6/28/2009 at 05:47 PM | 49420
love that cropsy mask!
Johnny Bisco Sunday 6/28/2009 at 09:46 PM | 49444