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Blowing stuff up in the name of the 4th!

Well me and my roommate decided to have some early 4th fun. So we took some homemade quarter sticks and went to the park to blow stuff up. What can i say I'm a 30 year old big kid when it comes to exploves!

So without further ado I give you exploding bunny.......

Disclaimer - Kids please don't try this at home we are trained idiots! more video just for some fun!

Fun at the park!
SideshowFreak Friday 7/03/2009 at 05:31 PM | 49688
i edited your post so that the vids can be watched here without going to youtube

that rabbit ate it lol
Johnny Bisco Friday 7/03/2009 at 06:59 PM | 49690
Cool thanks man!

Well i got one more vid. Watermelon anyone?
SideshowFreak Friday 7/03/2009 at 07:41 PM | 49693
HAHAHAHAH, thats great man! Happy 4th!!!!!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 7/03/2009 at 08:01 PM | 49696

im ready to start blowing stuff up!
sausagecake Friday 7/03/2009 at 11:44 PM | 49700