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Original Psychopath face lift..

I got the number #1 copy of my very first attempt at a Myers mask (Psychopath) back from Lee at the last HorrorHound Weekend. I'm sure you guys remember pic's of it (very dark paint, dred lock looking hair).

There were only 2 shitty pic's at the time when I sculpted it and painted it. Anyway,

I decided to repaint and hair it the way I do my RZ masks now and add it to my work collection.

Turned out much better I think!
CartyParty Saturday 7/04/2009 at 03:07 AM | 49709
Looks great Casey! Here's a few before pics for those who hadn't seen it:

lblambert Saturday 7/04/2009 at 03:15 AM | 49711
ahhhh wow!That is damn night and day Casey! I gotta say I do miss the dreads though! That is top notch man, just goes to show how close you were on the first attempt!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 7/04/2009 at 03:16 AM | 49712
Thanks for the old pic's Lee, I couldnt find any to do a before and after.

Thanks Boo! I cried a bit while I was yanking the dreads off the mask, not gonna lie..
CartyParty Saturday 7/04/2009 at 03:28 AM | 49718


If it wouldn't be for the History and Originality of mine, I would seriously be taking it under conderation of having you overhaul mine... LOL...Nice Work Man!!!

Harry Warden Saturday 7/04/2009 at 06:22 AM | 49726
i would be with ryan on having you redu mine, but then i wouldnt have to get the H1.
scaryzack Saturday 7/04/2009 at 08:14 PM | 49746