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"First I would to say this is Jay Allan and what is stated below I swear to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

This statement is a review of my personal buness dealings with Cemetery Gate Productions and its practices. This is to let the general public know and to give warning to the general public so they do not fall victim to its practices like I have in the past." Hey guys can someone post the pictures I put on forum im having trouble getting them on here thanks.

I wanted to write long before this but mply couldn't. I've been wanting to write for along time on what happened with my 75 Kirk. The truth is I don't know what happened to it. What I know is what Terry Lambert sent back to me was a RECAST. Here are pictures of the inde of the you can tell its a new pull and you can see how thick it is. My 75 Kirk is not in there. I have proved this as well legally. When Terry sent this mask back to me and I had suspicion right from the start. I would email him and ask him why does it look like it has detail loss and he would say some BS "well I put latex over it to preserve it" When Terry had my Kirk red flags were already going off with me. Terry was going to restore and preserve my mask but he asked me if he could take the hair off it because "it was getting in the way". I think you guys know why he asked that, you need to take the hair off it to make a mold off of it. I knew he was going to take me on major $. I knew about Night Owl etc. I knew what was coming. I tried to protect myself. I wish I knew all this before I mailed him THE GRAIL. I also had a major deal on the table to sell my Kirk and even had a down payment. I wanted to make sure my mask was indeed my original Kirk before I sold it. See the difference between us Terry??? Anyway I sent my mask to someone who once owned a 1975 Kirk mask. I sent it to someone who worked at Don Post. I sent it to a expert. Sam McCain receive my mask and confirmed my suspicion, he also confirmed my worst nightmare. See this mask was SEALED underneath the neck when Terry sent it to me. Sam can talk more about this. In other words I couldn't see underneath the neck, I knew the thickness of my original Kirk but because it was sealed I couldn't see how thick it was until Sam opened it up. He removed the foam and the tan you see in the pics is LATEX PAINT not my Kirk. Good effort Terry. Fooled me for awhile but the TRUTH will always come to the surface. Upon finding this I refunded the buyer of my mask and lost this $20,000 deal. Not only that he took my prized posseson and my son's catholic education, but it gutted me, it knock me down. I worked HARD to find that mask, it was a part of me. What did I do to deserve this? I would t and stare at that thing, friends would come to see it and I would play the Halloween Theme etc. This film Halloween was my youth, it was my favorite. My mother would put Michael Myers on my birthday cake when I was young. I'm now 35 and I know you guys can relate and that's why im saying this. I had offers of $15,000 and wouldn't sell cause this mask meant that much to me. I followed what I was told to do. Terry Lambert would not respond to the police or me except to say "you don't know what your talking about" It been a long slow process with hrs of work. Day and night and lack of sleep but my hard work has paid off. I want you to know there is a God. I went through 2 months of hell but prayers have been answered. I do not want to say anymore on this outcome but I lost faith in the human race, but it now has been restored. As far as Terry Lambert I don't know if he sold it or what. It really cant be shown or sold to anyone because we all know what my mask looks like. Only a mask maker would find it be beneficial to have it etc. See I didnt just lose The Grail, WE ALL DID. You know how many were left, I was a part of this mask / horror community and my mask was as well. We all lost. I want to thank Sam McCain for all his help. Sam is a straight shooter and I suggest getting your masks from him. I want to thank Seb, Chan, Justin, Chris, Spooky and all the others, you know who you are.. I want to thank all of you guys for your support. It has helped me and has giving me strength to fight this battle. I don't know if Terry has cancer, I don't care "karma". If he does it dosent give you a license to steal. He's a liar. I hope you guys get your masks your owed too. Chapter 11 huh? Told ya bro. Lastly I will still be here and if the couple guys who own a Kirk would like to sell please give me first shot. I feel peace now and want to move on with future plans and that's what im going to do. This is now in my past. Hey was it a 77 or a 78 Ford LTD Station Wagon in H1???Jay Allan

"The Italian Stallion"
JayAllan Sunday 7/12/2009 at 06:45 AM | 50088
kaizu Sunday 7/12/2009 at 06:56 AM | 50089
an absolute ridiculous damn shame man

i feel for you i really do

i do hope you find your peace with this at some point in your life and i hope that you get some kind of satisfaction from this at some point

take care man and remember not all people on this planet are out to take everything you have even though it feels like it
Johnny Bisco Sunday 7/12/2009 at 12:09 PM | 50090
I'm glad that at the very least all of this is completely out in the open for everyone to see. No more speculation or accusations...the proof is right there. It sucks that you had to go through all of this for Terry to finally get what has been coming to him for years. It's also very unfortunate that all of those other people he stole from will never get their masks they ordered or their money back. It's a shame.

H30 Sunday 7/12/2009 at 04:01 PM | 50095
Holy crap.....looking at those comparison pics and the snow job he pulled with the foam/latex paint etc.....Terry had some set of balls on him. What a piece of crap!.

Bisco is right....a lot of people are shitty but overall in our scene most fellas are decent guys. Hopefully this is a scar on the scene that will fade over time. Sadly so many people got hurt.

I ncerely hope that there werent too many enablers that consciously or inadvertently helped Terry's cause. I cant believe that this fraud wasn't called out years ago. Ive read so much damage on the guy that I can't believe he got ANY buness the past 2-3 years.

good luck to those in trying to get their money back and lets all have a lesson learned from this!
ny ghoul Sunday 7/12/2009 at 04:32 PM | 50096
First let me say how sorry I am you had to go through something like this especially with something so valuable and I am not talking moneyt wise but value as in cherished. Nobody can replace what has been taken from you and all the others who have been robbed by a man who so many had looked at as one of the best and I feel it is such a shame people can do this. This hobby should be about the enjoyment and not the stealing from others it has become of late especially in these times. I hope someday you can get the mask back or at least something to make it as good as it can be after all this.
cropsy Sunday 7/12/2009 at 07:18 PM | 50103
I have to say though. . what annoyed me THE MOST was that he even put that WARLOCK camel hair on what wassupposed to pass for a mint 75 kirk!?!?!?!

Jay, i know this mask is rare but maybe you might be able to find an even better copy of the kirk. . i know a member recently told me he found a mint copy in st louis for less than 10k. .

Take 'er easy buddy!

DEUSEXMACHINA222 Tuesday 7/14/2009 at 05:43 AM | 50183
I have to say though. . what annoyed me THE MOST was that he even put that WARLOCK camel hair on what wassupposed to pass for a mint 75 kirk!?!?!?!

Jay, i know this mask is rare but maybe you might be able to find an even better copy of the kirk. . i know a member recently told me he found a mint copy in st louis for less than 10k. .

Take 'er easy buddy!

A What made the JA Kirk unique was that it was half converted.
kaizu Tuesday 7/14/2009 at 03:58 PM | 50189
Wow.... seeing it laid out like that really does seal this whole tuation.

And to think I bought masks from him, thought he was a stand up guy, respected him as an artist... it's really shocking that anyone would be so underhanded and do something like this.

I'm really sorry this happened to you, it's really horrible that you got so dicked over in this whole tuation.
DarkArtist81 Tuesday 7/14/2009 at 05:52 PM | 50200