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I've been speaking with makeup effects artist Brian Wade about posbly bringing back a certain maggoty headed character that he worked on back in 1986, directly to the HMA, directly from the artist himself! Brian mentioned to me that he would like to start out with the makeup, (from the original master), worn by C.J. Graham. This would be an item will all the bells and whistles attached, i.e., acrylic teeth, glass eye, foam filling, partial costuming, etc.. We'd be looking at a price around $750.00 a head to keep it affordable. For right now, this is just an interest thread, but I know Brian is certainly interested if you guys are. Please let Brian know.


This will be a limited run of 20, and the first 10 people to pre-order them, will receive them at a special price of $675.00. The first 10 copies will come gned (and personalized by Brian by request,) and all come with a gned C.O.A. from Brian.

If you're interested in seeing this project happen, please post and let Brian know! Also, be sure to tell your other F6 buddies to come and post!

SithLord Monday 7/13/2009 at 12:07 AM | 50114