Hey guys

Im a mega-huge fan of THE PROWLER which I think just might have THE best fx out of all the 80's slasher films thanks to a mr Tom Savini and a good editor! I know many of you guys here are PROWLER fans as well. My question is has anyone here or anyone you know ever tried to assemble a PROWLER costume? If you have PLEASE post some pics!

ny ghoul Sunday 7/19/2009 at 01:38 PM | 50422
i brought that up in here a while ago it looks to me to be a WWII style helmet with a veil of some kind if youre just referring to the mask set up

the rest is pretty much just a vintage WWII uniform

id like to have one myself some day as i love that movie as well!
Johnny Bisco Sunday 7/19/2009 at 08:04 PM | 50438
Am I the only one that was sorely...sorely...disappointed by this movie???

and Evan...don't kill me for this...lol

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Sunday 7/19/2009 at 09:01 PM | 50442
Am I the only one that was sorely...sorely...disappointed by this movie???

and Evan...don't kill me for this...lol

take care, Tommy

hahaha whoa...sorely dissapointed? hey its all subjective and boils down to either you like a movie or not. PROWLER is totally formulaic and its not original but I thought it was fun. More than anything else I think the reason I love this film the most is the kill scenes and fx by Savini. They are his best work imo. The shower scene; the head impalement; the pool murder; all flawless and macabre!
ny ghoul Monday 7/20/2009 at 06:22 PM | 50464
well, the veron i saw was a bad bootleg. I don't even remember any head impalement. Is this out on uncut dvd now? Maybe I just need to give it a second chance.

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Monday 7/20/2009 at 07:08 PM | 50467
I'll check for you bro....it may very well be out of print. I got my copy some years back at CHILLER. I have seen boots but I figured they'd be uncut. I'll find out for ya.
ny ghoul Tuesday 7/21/2009 at 12:58 AM | 50496
i have the uncut one

Johnny Bisco Tuesday 7/21/2009 at 01:42 AM | 50501
I had a lot of fun with the Prowler. I have the uncut dvd too. I don't remember where I got it though? It might have been at a convention, but I agree the kills were fantastic in that movie. Awesome Fx
glamourdoll13 Monday 7/27/2009 at 02:25 PM | 51009
I've never seen The Prowler. Is it better than The Burning? I didn't like The burning...
HorrorFreak Monday 7/27/2009 at 09:27 PM | 51024
I personally like THE PROWLER better than the BURNING but only by a little. THE PROWLER is a bit slicker with better f/x but the BURNING is definately a clasc. Its a toss up but Savini's fx in PROWLER are amazing.
ny ghoul Tuesday 7/28/2009 at 03:13 AM | 51041
hmm.. I dunno which I like better they are both good IMO
glamourdoll13 Tuesday 7/28/2009 at 01:26 PM | 51054
Wow I haven't seen either in a very long time....I gotta do that netflix thing one of these days. lol
kweandee Wednesday 7/29/2009 at 06:57 PM | 51125