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What does it say about me?

Well today guys, I lost my best friend of the past 6 years. He didn't die but our friendship was ended by personal conflict. Here's what happened in (somewhat of) a nutshell:

3-4 months ago my friend breaks up with his GF (for the millionth time) and I think it's actually over so I ask if I can "talk to her". He says he'd rather me not but I do anyway and not in a serious way at first. in the midst of it all I decide it isn't worth risking but before I can call it quits he finds out and we nearly end it. he forgave me. Now, over the last week or 2 he has been doing the same shit with my ex and she is close to me so of course she tells me what he's been doing. At first I let it go because I felt I owed him that nce he let me go. But even after she said no a few times he was still at it and I just kind of had it so I told him I knew what he was doing. All he had to say to that was "fair enough". Couldn't have been a more uncaring response. So we sort of get into it (via text) and he tells me he thought it was Ok because I didn't want to date her and I was mesng with another girl. Both points true but 1. he never asked me like I at least did for him and 2. I am still....mesng with her and I am still friends with her and care for her. And I also don't want him inde her condering I know he doesn't wear protection (which is a highly risky decion condering teen pregnancy rates these days). That was yesterday. Today he texts me bitching at me because I talked to this girl he "likes" about him. Now this girl was his..."backup" whenever he left his ex for whole 2 days and he always played her yet this girl is infatuated with him no matter what he does. Obviously she is only attracted to him phycally. So, with that, I just said screw it and just told him whatever and I don't care anymore.

So here I am not caring about any of it. Reason being, both of have changed and I just don't feel as compatible and so I just don't care about it. So what does this say about me?
DrenTheLiar Wednesday 7/22/2009 at 10:14 PM | 50608
That sounds like one big cluster f of a mess!I'm not exactly sure what to think but it sounds like your better off leaving both in the dust. We all out grow people and sounds like that is what happened here.
Dunge44 Wednesday 7/22/2009 at 10:20 PM | 50611
It's a mess but what is odd is that it's not really bugging me. I'm hardly upset that I'm no longer with my best friend of 6 years. It hasn't phased me at all.
DrenTheLiar Wednesday 7/22/2009 at 10:24 PM | 50615
It's a mess but what is odd is that it's not really bugging me. I'm hardly upset that I'm no longer with my best friend of 6 years. It hasn't phased me at all.

Next thing you know you'll be killing people Michael Myers style. (Always look on the bright de of things)

Dunge44 Wednesday 7/22/2009 at 10:30 PM | 50616
Dont think about other guys being inde girls..........

I had to man...that was kinda creepy. F him seem to have been very fair to him and played by straight rules...something your former bud seems to disregard. Be glad he's gone. Sounds like a psychic vampire.
ny ghoul Thursday 7/23/2009 at 05:22 AM | 50632
DREN all i can say is look toward tha future and forget about tha past .. be the biger man .. take care bro. ;)
Dillon sum Thursday 7/23/2009 at 07:14 PM | 50648
Yea, I'm more worried about my future than this BS.
DrenTheLiar Thursday 7/23/2009 at 07:37 PM | 50651
Man, that sounds like a crazy tuation...You are better off man, it sucks to lose a good friend... but it happens, especially in your pre 20's, early 20's years.I had a tuation like this happen to me back in 1999 with a good High School friend of mine, someone I had known closely for 5 years and had been through a lot of crap with.

He was a bandmate, we worked on comics together, the works.

I lived with him and his fiance for a year in Charleston, and was talking to this girl we both had known back in High School.

So I went to see her back in our hometown and she wanted to come up and spend a weekend in Charleston.

I brought her up there, and things started to get a little phycal between us.

But she was holding back, and I didn't understand why.I went to work and came home, took her back to her place and she dropped the bombshell on me.

She had orchestrated this whole thing so she could see my buddy Ricky, not me.

She felt horrible about it, but said she really just couldn't hold it back anymore.

So to make a long story shorter..

She and Ricky had done a lot of stuff together while I was at work, and the guilt of both betraying me and Ricky's girl was too much for her so she was done.

I went home and faced Ricky about it, with disastrous results.

He didn't care.

Not about my feelings, nor his girls, nor anybody else's.

It was just sex for him, and the whole tuation ruined our friendship.

I haven't talked to him nce.

I tried to rekindle a friendship a few years back...but no response.Shit like this happens, the best advice I can give is to learn from it and move forward.

You seem to be doing a great job of that already, I think you will be just fine.

DarkArtist81 Sunday 7/26/2009 at 05:29 AM | 50897
Me and my friend talked yesterday and he apologized, which is what I was sort of looking for.
DrenTheLiar Sunday 7/26/2009 at 01:25 PM | 50920
That's great news Dren, at least he was man enough to admit that he approached this tuation all wrong... and it shows that your friendship means something to him. I hope everything gets straightened out man, that's good to hear that it's already heading towards that direction.

DarkArtist81 Sunday 7/26/2009 at 02:24 PM | 50926