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Pt 4 and pt 5 roy hockey mask.

Hey guys Im taking preorders on the pt 4 and pt 5 roy mask I make. The mask are made but Im willing to presale a few to get gned by Ted white and tom morga. They both will be at the show in louisville next month. I only charge 40.00 for my hocks and then you add the 20.00 autograph fee and 15.00 s/h. Thats 75.00 for a gned mask by one of these two greats. If you buy the pt 4 and 5 I will combine the s/h. The mask will come with a picture of the guys gning it or I can email it to you. I am only preselling 8 of each mask. The masks will ship by august 18th and will be shiped priority and delivery confirmation. If anyone is intrested then email me at or on myspace/ Thanks , George. Tuesday 7/28/2009 at 08:01 PM | 51079