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Barlow new mask coming from Maskworks ..... Update 8-5-09

Here is a teaser of my next mask .. I have been working on him for a few days and starting to take shape .. I added some color to see what he might look like and did a funky photoshop filter to not give it all away but you can see how it is coming ,, The ears are just on him so I can keep the face strait I have to still sculpt them .. I am going for more of how he looks on screen .

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think . .


maskmaniac Wednesday 7/29/2009 at 10:47 PM | 51143
im impressed with that teaser photo lewis.

oldskool Wednesday 7/29/2009 at 11:41 PM | 51147
Looks killer to me.

cropsy Thursday 7/30/2009 at 08:45 AM | 51173
I worked on it a couple hours tonight change a few things not sure about the ears still working on them ..

What do you think ?



maskmaniac Thursday 8/06/2009 at 02:05 AM | 51633
great work as usual Lewis. Your sculpting is really coming along and this piece is gonna look killer once you get it painted up. Keep us posted!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Thursday 8/06/2009 at 04:12 AM | 51649
Looks great!
gummi Thursday 8/06/2009 at 05:45 AM | 51653
Looks outstanding Lewis. I can't wait to see the finish product.
cropsy Thursday 8/06/2009 at 04:58 PM | 51673