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"Deranged" Original Leatherface mask

I had not made one of these guys in a while, but the 74 mask is pretty fun to finish and i snapped some pics for you all to see before i sent this fella on his way. Hope you all enjoy.

addison.morarre Friday 7/31/2009 at 06:44 AM | 51255
Damn, I think I know who to talk to when I finally get around to picking up a '74!

How much do these run?
chubacabra Friday 7/31/2009 at 08:34 PM | 51285

Top notch work!
DarkArtist81 Friday 7/31/2009 at 08:56 PM | 51291
that mask looks ck. great job
souleater666 Friday 7/31/2009 at 09:45 PM | 51297