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OVERALLS or should i say jumpsuit..

.. ok guys and galls i need ur thoughts and tell me what you think.i been working on theses baby all week and i just got done with them today. hard work. but anyway im giong to frightnight. next week and i giong to try hopefully sell this for 15. to 25 $..... but i need ur thoughts and what you guys think i should do. does it look good or does it need more effect???? i hope u guys will help thanks..... guys.oh and there are noo bullet holes in tha back because i think that will ruin them....

Dillon sum Saturday 8/08/2009 at 10:39 PM | 51794
nice work on those.

joelsparks Saturday 8/08/2009 at 11:36 PM | 51800
Very nice!

Only bit of constructive criticism I can give is that the red for the blood is too bright.

You might want to mist the whole suit in flat black, rub it in to the bloody areas...

That will add dirt to the costume, AND it might dull those wounds a bit.

Just don't get too close with the black, just mist from a distance...if that makes any sense.

DarkArtist81 Friday 8/14/2009 at 02:26 PM | 52198