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The Skeleton Crew

A film crew go to an Asylum to film a movie based on the killings that happened there in the early 70`s.

A doctor calling himself The Auteur made snuff films ung his patients as victims and filming them with his 8mm movie camera.

The director of the film crew finds the room containing the camera, films and a projector and later shows them to his crew.

While they disapprove at what they see the director becomes obsessed and can`t stop watching.

He gets taken over by the spirit of the doctor (i know, sounds corny) takes the 8mm camera and starts secretly filming his crew who become The Auteur`s next victims.

When he films them the camera makes them act out cliches that you always see in horror movies.

When the surviving crew members realizes whats going on they fight back.

This was an entertaining movie thats kinda bad but goofy enough to enjoy but i could do without the snuff stuff.
shattered lens Tuesday 8/11/2009 at 08:57 PM | 52017