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New vintage score! LOL

HSS Aircorpse

I was lucky enough to find this bad boy and had to get it.

Obviously uncut and great condition.

Evildsm Saturday 8/15/2009 at 12:11 AM | 52244
Very cool score!!
cropsy Saturday 8/15/2009 at 01:58 AM | 52252

Was that the one on FEE-BAY Mike? Vintage HSS goodness right there! Has such a cool 80's nostalgic look. Killer score & congrats
kaizu Saturday 8/15/2009 at 02:16 AM | 52255
That is an awesome mask, I love the colors on it.

Great find too, I bet you were happy when you located it.

DarkArtist81 Saturday 8/15/2009 at 02:44 AM | 52260
That's really cool...congrats

kweandee Saturday 8/15/2009 at 01:08 PM | 52292
That's a beautiful piece!

I'm still kicking myself for not jumping on this one.
chubacabra Saturday 8/15/2009 at 07:18 PM | 52322
Nice score Congrats!
glamourdoll13 Tuesday 8/18/2009 at 01:50 PM | 52644
Thanks for the kind words everyone! I love this guy.

It looks nice tting with all of my other HSS goodies.
Evildsm Tuesday 8/18/2009 at 05:31 PM | 52672
That mask rocks.
quietonthesetstudios Tuesday 8/18/2009 at 06:53 PM | 52675