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Hey everyone, Just a heads up that these will be offered in a limited run of only 3. I just finished the prototype today and I can see a few things that I need to do on the others, but here it is and I hope you all enjoy it!

Those of you who are tierd of seeing that plastic turd of a gn that they sell every year at HalloweeN, I am sure you will apreciate a good WOOD gn that is actually accurate!

Harry Warden Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 12:31 AM | 52706
That's much will they be?

kweandee Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 12:34 AM | 52707
Thats definitely one of the best I've seen

chubacabra Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 12:37 AM | 52708
Thats definitely one of the best I've seenAgreed!
HorrorFreak Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 01:53 AM | 52716
Well the price is conderable... I havn't thought on it enough yet, but this gn is completely "HAND" made. The entire degn was drawed out "Free Hand" on a piece of Tracing paper. Then I flipped the paper over and retraced over everything. Then I flipped the paper back over yet again and lined it up on the gn. Then I drew back over the lines once again so that the lead would transfer from the paper, to the gn. Thats how I got my stencil, but I did all the work FREE hand. I did not trace anything, but my own work. All the letters were painted with fine brushes. There was no spraying involved here folks... This was all by brush and steadyness... Then I applied multiple coats of Krylon Crystal Clear on it for maximum protection. This gn is not fully complete as I am also going to paint the back of it with Black Oil Bass gloss paint and apply 2 teeth hanging pieces. I am going to number and gn the backs of each one with a lver Sharpie as well.

They measure around 22" high by around say 17-18" wide? I'll have to double check again to be sure.

So they should make very nice displays. The ruff figure that I have in my mind for these will probably be around 65-75 dollars + shipping...

If someone wants a Part 6 veron of this gn, that can be had as well and I will do it, but I need to be notified withen the week. At the end of this week I am going to begin finishing these as is. Once that happens there's no turning back.

Thanks All!!!

Harry Warden Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 02:20 AM | 52718
Wow man!

Great work!

Color me interested... I'd love to get one of these, and the price is very generous condering your work.
DarkArtist81 Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 03:38 AM | 52731
so good it's blog worthy Ryan!

href=""> ... og=1&p=456

I'm amazed at the detail and you did it all by hand?

Freaking ME WANTS!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 06:18 AM | 52753
They are incredible. Certainly worth the price and great work.
cropsy Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 11:45 AM | 52760
Would be great to have one of those lying around near a summer camp

Scare some yuppies

Good work Ryan!
kaizu Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 01:29 PM | 52766
joelsparks Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 03:57 PM | 52783
Thanks for the kind words everyone!!!

Just sold one to be painted up like the one in the lake on Part 6.2 left in the barral... I have this prototype that needs to be finished with the hanging gear and I have 1 blank gn left for the taking...

Thanks Again guys!

Harry Warden Wednesday 8/19/2009 at 06:23 PM | 52788
great job comment through...Carbon paper is your it and use it.

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Friday 8/21/2009 at 01:00 AM | 52913
You are definatley right there brother! I'm sure that would save me a shit ton of time.

I'll be picking some up a-sap!

Thanks Bro!

Harry Warden Friday 8/21/2009 at 01:28 AM | 52918