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EXTENDED: Just ONE week left now! (9/5/09) has partnered with The Prop Shop to give you Halloween fans a chance to win several great prizes!!

The Prop Shop and will be giving away a Prop Shop Clown t-shirt, Psychopath t-shirt, a Don Post The Mask 2003, a Rob Zombie Halloween 2 original (this is not a reprint, this is a real deal 2 ded theatrical collectors edition poster)

27 x 40 Movie Poster and a PSYCHOPATH2 EXPOSED MASK. All you have to do to enter is become a follower of and The Prop Shop on Twitter. It's super easy, just vit
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The Prop Shop is also giving away a Psychopath Exposed Mask.

However, to win this you’ll not only have to follow both The Prop Shop and on twitter but you’ll also have to register on HorrorBid’s Forum and make a post showing Why you are the ultimate Halloween Fan. So how do you show that you are the ultimate Halloween Fan?

mply make a post on HorrorBid’s forum in the thread labeled “Ultimate Halloween Fan Contest” with a photo, photshopped image, youtube video, paragraph, or anything that proves you are the ultimate fan.

You can register here on HorrorBid’s forum and post your entry into this thread.

Winners will be selected at random and will receive notification via Twitter message. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Open to legal redents of the 50 U.S & D.C. Sweepstakes starts 12:01 a.m. ET 8/23/09, ends 11:59 p.m. ET 9/5/09." class="photoborder" />

(this is not a reprint, this is a real deal 2 ded theatrical collectors edition poster)


To Win the Psychopath2 Exposed Mask pictured below you must be a follower of both HorrorBid and The Prop Shop on Twitter.

Then, you must register for this forum (if you haven't already) and reply in this thread why you are the ultimate Halloween Fan.

Remember, you can prove it by any means necessary as long as you post it up in this thread (or link to it from this thread).

Good Luck to all those who enter!!!!
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 8/22/2009 at 11:59 PM | 53063
i just added you guys on twitter. you always do some bad ass contests here.
pamelavoorheesRIP Sunday 8/23/2009 at 12:36 AM | 53067
I'm the biggest fan because I spent the money I was supposed to use to buy an engagement ring on my RZ Myers costume.

I've nce had to piece out my costume to afford the ring...and now I have no mask.

So winning this would mean the world to me...


Nick Meece Sunday 8/23/2009 at 01:20 AM | 53069
Been a Halloween fan for a very long time and a supporter of The Prop Shop as well. When we decided to make Tyler Mane a case for his screen used props from Rob Zombies first Halloween we invited the man over and had him gn the Psychopath mask. Casey has went on to make the best RZ Halloween masks hands down and continues to amaze me to this day. I want to thank Casey for all the cool stuff he has made for me over the last few years. Happy Halloween every one!

quietonthesetstudios Sunday 8/23/2009 at 01:26 AM | 53070
Awesome! Another fantastic contest put up by you guys. I added you as well, and in order to get the PSYCHOPATH Exposed Mask - This is how I'm such a huge fan!! nce 1985, I've been DIE-HARD. No other film, ever, has captivated me so much!

A drawing I did in 1998:

My Old DP "The Mask" from 1990", and what happened to it.

Two Tattoos on both Shoulder blades. I've had these for more than 15 years. Time to get 'em touched up!

Me with TINA from Halloween 5. I traveled from Canada to Pasadena to get to he 30th Anniversary Convention. I just HAD to be there!

Me in 1993, with my old Don Post Mask

Here are some still shots from a fan film I made in 1996 (on VHS). A Sequel to Curse of Michael Myers:

You can check out my film on YouTube here:
href=" ... annel_page It's broken up into 10 parts to fit the whole thing on. It's feature length, but not feature quality And finally, some of prized possesons:" class="photoborder" />

And the future generation!

strangerathome Sunday 8/23/2009 at 01:34 AM | 53071
The reason why I would be the best choice is i have been a die hard horror fan every nce I was a child. I do horror artwork and direct my own horror films. I love and appreciate all my fans of my artwork and I do just about all there requests. Just check out my Myers art, it will show I’m the ultimate Halloween fan.

I don’t have fancy masks like all these people up here and I would like to finally win something. I think I am the most deserving person up here that will truly appreciate the prizes given. -thanks

alexthehellspawn666 Sunday 8/23/2009 at 01:56 AM | 53074
I am the Ultimate horror fan. I am because I spend all of my time,literally,when im not working, watching horror movies..Normal people my age

spend time with their friends..and I dont. or they spend it with their loved one..and I dont. I have each,but I love horror so much more than them! therefore I devote my time to it. I bought my H2 tickets today..5 days in advance.. I bought my h2 shirt 2 weeks ago, so I would make damn sure that I would be prepared for the opening of this movie. especially after RZ's last halloween. I got past 4 different ID checkers, yes my theater was nuts and have been ever nce that movie about id and underagers getting in..and I had to beg people I didnt know to buy my tickets for me..I had to give him my money,not knowing if he would take it and run..

and then the movie was so worth it. But Ive watched horror movies my whole existence. I NEVER watched stuff like snow white as a kid, I was watching Night of the living dead part 2 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare. But back to work now, I work alot just to make money to buy a never ending supply of horror movies, dolls , posters, and my horror tees. My life is horror, and nothing but. ahahha. So Id appreciate anything,and if nothing..thanks for taking the time to read my long ass submison! hahaha!
ImTheWolf Sunday 8/23/2009 at 02:08 AM | 53076

Hmmm... What makes me the Ultimate HalloweeN fan??? Well I'll start with this. HalloweeN is only here once a year. It's a time when the trees turn orange, the air gets chilly and in the evenings people t around by their fireplace and tell stories of ghosts, goblins and monsters. It's a time where you can run around covered in fake blood with a knife in your hand and nobody thinks you are crazy! It's a time when kids run around in costumes and get candy while the teenagers are out all hours of the night partying and throwing toilet paper around. The movie HalloweeN gives me that feeling no matter what time of the year it is whether it be Janurary or June... I feel being a fan at heart is more than just having the biggest collection of Myers stuff. I feel that the feeling you get from a movie is what brings out the fan in us all. Every HalloweeN I make it a tradition to watch all the HalloweeN films from the time I wake up until the time they are through and if there's any time left after they are over, I run around outde like a mad man in my coveralls and whatever my choice of Myers mask is... lol Either way... Win Or Lose in this constest, It feels good to share how I feel about THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME!!!

Harry Warden Sunday 8/23/2009 at 02:31 AM | 53077
I'm another big fan here from Michael-Myers.Net, I'm pretty much one of the members for the young people here and other forums for Michael Myers. I don't have a picture to post because as Daeg said, "It hides my ugliness."

But I need to kind of explain why I wanna win the Prop Shop Exposed Myers Mask. When I was very young, (as of 6-7), HALLOWEEN:The Curse of Michael Myers was on HBO, I was just young so I did not know what so ever my family and I were gonna watch anyways. So as we watched the movie, I was really intrigued into it. I loved the story that just continued from my first movie of "Halloween" instead of "Halloween:The Night He Came Home". Myers just became a a fantasy killer, that I loved. Then i became 9. I had some money to buy some movies to watch at home from my birthday, with no idea for buying, it hit me, HALLOWEEN. So I asked my mom if we can go to the nearest place for DVD's, which was Best Buy XD. So I had about 200 bucks, got all the Halloween movies I can find from the shelf. I actually and honestly just found H1, H2, H7, and H6. I was kind of sad that not all the movies were there. So I went to beg my mother to go to Blockbuster, so she got mad at me, but eventually we went

But later then got the movies and watched it all the time. Then as I grew, I found webtes like Horrorbid and I bought only one mask sadly, but wanted more! So all I did to my H9 Mask was use 160 bucks on getting it redone and being happy with it the best I can! And so I still envy people that have great Kiss Fans, H78s, Psychos. And as I still am 12 years old, I wish I had these masks, but as a kid, you can't work, you can't get your own money by working at a lemonade stand for like years. I wish I had funds to get at least one Nikolas Art Gallery mask, but hey, I'm still working on some ways. But I'm never giving up Halloween no matter what kind of mask it is

Thank you for reading and sorry if this little article was a bad choice, just to show at least I'm a little worthy of this hobby, and for me, a big part of my life MY TWITTER IS donedelacruz :) Here are some pics i got that are from my 180 dollar mask that was stock paintjob and hairjob then to my mask when its redone with my money T_T



This is not the best mask, but its really nice for me as one of the youth members
halloween9 Sunday 8/23/2009 at 04:40 AM | 53079
I should be the victor of this contest due to my excesve fandom of the holloween francise. Like many of my brothers and sters here on i have spent way too much money on phycal merchandise, dressed up as our fabled psychopath for too many halloweens, been to way too many conventions, watched the same old movies in theaters then on VHS, then DVD, now blu ray... But you know what? Im still not tired of it... and i never will be!!! What seperates me from the rest of the fanatics here is that i have actually grown a beard just so it can hang out the bottom of the mask like in the new RZ h2 movie!!! I have been trying desperately to score one of these new EXPOSED masks from ThePropShop but just havnt had the funds. I would love to be a winner of any of these AWESOME prizes, but the exposed psychopath 2 mask is the cream of the crop, the real standard of the RZ H2 replica. Make my Halloween dreams and wishes come true!!!!

Good luck to everybody!!
Cannibal-69 Sunday 8/23/2009 at 06:25 AM | 53080
i am tting this one out for three reasons..............

A) i dont do twitter and never will B) i have a firm belief that MODS shouldnt win prizes that are board sponsored C) i would have a snowballs chance in hell anyways

but on that note here's my non winnable, non entry

i have gone to every halloween on opening day nce part 4 and im sure ill be doing so again this week

i have more halloween dvds than necessary

i have some masks, some are good some are not so good

and i have some nice figures and stuff

enjoy the pics
Johnny Bisco Sunday 8/23/2009 at 01:08 PM | 53099
Great Collection Bisco! You crack me the hell up man... lol. As always, you speak words of wisdom.
Cannibal-69 Sunday 8/23/2009 at 02:20 PM | 53105
I'm definitely a carrier of the Halloween ckness.

I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, from the first time I heard that muc and saw that "blank...pale...emotionless face...with the blackest eyes.. the devil's eyes" I was hooked.

Every aspect of the original film transfixed me, and I enjoyed the further sequels... even went and saw the RZ remake several times even though I didn't 100% agree with the direction.I own masks, shirts, posters, countless DVD's, Art by Mark, comics, pumpkins, even a Tramer and a set of H3 masks.

I watch the entire series yearly, some films countless times per year.

I ALWAYS watch H3 with a Miller High Life in hand, Hell... anytime I watch a Halloween film, it's all I will drink.

I have autographs, soundtracks, etc.

I'm a HUGE fan.

I've created several Myers figures, not because I wanted money... because I LOVED the characters and just wanted them for myself.

So I made Myers, Loomis, remake Michael, Burned Michael... and will keep doing other verons.. because I am a glutton for punishment and I just am seriously that insane for the franchise.And to illustrate

my point, here are a buttload of pics showing how severe this condition really is.

DarkArtist81 Sunday 8/23/2009 at 03:38 PM | 53117
i am tting this one out for three reasons..............

A) i dont do twitter and never willI couldn't have said it better

chubacabra Sunday 8/23/2009 at 06:34 PM | 53119
awesome contest guys!!! I'm really glad that I'm apart of it now :). I'm one of the many people who have heard about through The excitement of bacally a horror eBay and a very friendly community got me wanting to join. This webte has made me a true horror fan in my opinion. I bought my first mask here. I'm looking to sell it here too. This community has made me be proud to be a true horror fan, instead of being the weird kid at school who always talks about "Michael Myers or Jason or who ever that guy is". I'm proud to get excited and start planning my haunted house set up in preparation for the big night, while its August. I'm proud to watch and accept Rob Zombies Halloween because it has my favorite iconic character, and not be ashamed of it. I'm proud to have a family that was raised on horror movies and I'm glad to have the trait passed down to me, and i thank them for forcing me to watch the original Halloween while i was tting and crying in a chair because i was scared of the "white mask man" when i was five. I'm proud to be apart of this contest!!! I'm glad i can talk to people that are into the same thing i am on this community. I know I'm not the only one that will do this contest and i also understand i may not win anything lol but this contest is probably the best I've seen. It lets people talk about what they do and how hard core they are. i KNOW there will be better entries but I'm glad I'm apart of it anyway :) (contests always get me on the edge). However this turns out i will congratulate the winner, Because i know he's one of the ones (like me) on Halloween, while the cool breeze blows and the moon shines down and the wind blows letting the leaves shake and fall one by one, He'll put on that mask and that costume and wait in the shadows, while the trick or treaters come by, waiting for the right moment to jump out and give them a scare.
hallowbanana Sunday 8/23/2009 at 07:12 PM | 53120
ahahah, I just have to say..the guys who have TONS && TONS of Michael Myers shit and always have beer in hand..are lovely. made me laugh. I hope one of the two wins.. ahahah!
ImTheWolf Monday 8/24/2009 at 04:01 AM | 53133
i just added u both to my twitter account. im actually not even going to try to prove why im the #1 halloween fan because im not. don't get me wrong i love halloween but i know there are others who love it a whole lot more. i just wanted to thank you guys and this place. you all have the best contests and giveaways for us members. its like you actually care about the members and want to give back. thats just not usually how it works on the other boards ive been to. i just want to say how much i appreciate what you all do and thank you for making such a rad place to be.
joelsparks Monday 8/24/2009 at 01:38 PM | 53145
i just added u both to my twitter account. im actually not even going to try to prove why im the #1 halloween fan because im not. don't get me wrong i love halloween but i know there are others who love it a whole lot more. i just wanted to thank you guys and this place. you all have the best contests and giveaways for us members. its like you actually care about the members and want to give back. thats just not usually how it works on the other boards ive been to. i just want to say how much i appreciate what you all do and thank you for making such a rad place to be.


Well said man, this forum is the best place on the net.

A HUGE thank you to the admin and to the mask makers and prop makers who offer the freebies as promotions.

This place is a dream for fans, I'm honored to be here as a member and to know all of the people I know here.

I need to get on the ball and offer a free figure or something to help give back.

This place is the best.

DarkArtist81 Monday 8/24/2009 at 03:51 PM | 53150
i just added u both to my twitter account. im actually not even going to try to prove why im the #1 halloween fan because im not. don't get me wrong i love halloween but i know there are others who love it a whole lot more. i just wanted to thank you guys and this place. you all have the best contests and giveaways for us members. its like you actually care about the members and want to give back. thats just not usually how it works on the other boards ive been to. i just want to say how much i appreciate what you all do and thank you for making such a rad place to be.


Well said man, this forum is the best place on the net.

A HUGE thank you to the admin and to the mask makers and prop makers who offer the freebies as promotions.

This place is a dream for fans, I'm honored to be here as a member and to know all of the people I know here.

I need to get on the ball and offer a free figure or something to help give back.

This place is the best.

i'll also agree to all that. most of the time people create tes like this and then forget about it. they let them build up but don't really seem to care about whats going on. you can tell you guys do. this te and all the companies that support it kick ass.

pamelavoorheesRIP Monday 8/24/2009 at 03:55 PM | 53153
ahahah, I just have to say..the guys who have TONS && TONS of Michael Myers shit and always have beer in hand..are lovely. made me laugh. I hope one of the two wins.. ahahah

thats how i roll hahahah i love beernow back to the contest
Johnny Bisco Monday 8/24/2009 at 09:54 PM | 53174
ahahah, I just have to say..the guys who have TONS && TONS of Michael Myers shit and always have beer in hand..are lovely. made me laugh. I hope one of the two wins.. ahahah

thats how i roll hahahah i love beernow back to the contest

Ditto for the beer love!!

DarkArtist81 Monday 8/24/2009 at 11:52 PM | 53185
This is why I am the biggest anti-halloween fan ever.......James T Kirk could stomp a hole in michelle myers any day of the he snagged uhura....nuff said bad...i read that wrong....
Homicidal9 Tuesday 8/25/2009 at 01:11 AM | 53193
Oh where oh where do I even start. I honestly can't claim to be the Ultimate fan as many have more in thier collections of this great film and series then I do but I must say every piece I have has meant the world to me from my Don Posts to my oh so awesome Crofader from Sam McCain at Horror Sanctum Studios, to my programs, dvds(way to many cuts and showings on cable.), vhs, figures, props that I can't even find in the movie but had to have just to have something from the films to posters and so on. From the first time I saw Halloween to now trying to watch Halloween 2 so much that i have suffered with the crappy copies online as I unfortunately due to money have had to not go...yet anyways to help with the familly. I think they are the only thing I have ever put ahead of Myers and the enjoyment Halloween has brought to me. Loomis, Brackett, Laurie, Jamie, Bud and the list goes on and on of the great characters I have enjoyed watching from this franchise. Halloween has given me oh so many friends or people I certainly would like to call friends here on the net. It has brought me to this te and i can't say that was bad other then maybe Booman's huge head. lol My friends around here who i have been lucky enough to get into Halloween think most days I am nuts to have all this stuff kicking around the house but I wouldn't want it any other way(well unless I could have all the stuff from the whole series. ). All in all I certainly hope I am lucky enough to win this incredible mask or for that matter any of the prizes. If I don't then congrats to whoever wins. This was a great contest and shows more and more what a great place this is and how much of a class act the Prop Shop is. Thanks again guys and congrats to whoever wins.

on Twitter the name is myers2004 as Cropsy was taken

cropsy Tuesday 8/25/2009 at 11:29 AM | 53206
a pic of the Myers familly.
cropsy Tuesday 8/25/2009 at 11:35 AM | 53207
I don't think that I'm a bigger fan than anyone else on here so I thougth I owuldn't bother with this. I don't seem to be too lucky when it comes to HorrorBid contests. Anyway, I love Halloween! I don't have much Halloween stuff (but Ryan does! ) but I love Halloween a lot. I only have a few figures and the DVDs but I jsut recently got the PsychopatH2 from The Prop Shop. I would love to get the Exposed mask. It took me forever to get the H2 mask.

I also am following HorrorBid and The Prop Shop on Twitter. Hope I win something...
HorrorFreak Tuesday 8/25/2009 at 06:18 PM | 53226
I love you guys.
Cannibal-69 Wednesday 8/26/2009 at 08:22 AM | 53272
I watch all halloween movies all day long. Im the ultimate halloween fan because I have all the halloween movies,all The maskes made exept for H2 mask. I also have all the action figures i have things that hang from my sealing.i have met every1 that has played in a halloween movie and i know some1 that is good friends with rob zombie. Also have all the halloween soudtrack's. I have all the Halloween poster ever made exept for H2 and t-shirts ever made exept for H2 I am the most altimate halloween fan you can contact me at:
#1 halloween fan Thursday 8/27/2009 at 11:09 PM | 53342
I am the biggest Michael Myers fan because everything I do has to do with Michael Myers, I am in every Michael Myers sweepstake there IS! I follewed you on The Prop Shop on twitter. - Nicktwitter: KnifedMaskPro
halloween876 Friday 8/28/2009 at 01:39 AM | 53350
I'm the biggest Halloween fan because I spent my good hard earned money to see Rob Zombies Halloween 2 twice in one day. OK I cant even joke about that, just thinking about doing something that stupid makes me wanna kick myself in the ass.
krueger4653 Sunday 8/30/2009 at 03:50 AM | 53534
Well I have already had you guys on twitter.

Now why am I the ultamate Halloween fan? Truth is i really dont know. I dont have enough money to buy all the masks like other people have. Wish I did. I just recently obtained all of the movies, even though I grew up watching them and loving them. I'm like the biggest horrorfan in all of Lapeer(city were ii live). I didnt watch my first Jason movie till the remake, and I didnt see my first nightmare movie till about 3 weeks ago. I was in FYE with my grandpa and they

had every halloween movie i was misng, and a nightmare movie collection. I asked him which I should get. He said what do you like watching more. I told him straight up i have only seen the halloweens so he said get halloween you clearly have no intrest in the others. So,yea I was happy. But i just want to be like most people on here woth lots of masks and posters. after I read

all the other replys, I have my doubts that I will even win. Most people on here seem like better fans than me. but to me i think i am the ultamate halloween fan.

scaryzack Sunday 8/30/2009 at 11:19 PM | 53593
Bridge Tuesday 9/01/2009 at 01:22 PM | 53715
I’m the

ultimate Halloween fan because it’s like Michael Myers lives inde of me. I eat him and breathe him. I can’t get enough of Michael. I can’t live without him. Every day I check on YouTube to see if anybody posts new videos of there Halloween collection. In 2007 I was all ready waiting for h2. nce that day I waited and kept checking online for updates on h2 and kept bugging my ster for 2 yrs and if she could take me to see it. I made my ster take me to watch h2 on her birthday. I was suppose to get my dogs shots instead I bought a Michael Myers figure and made my dog wait a month to get his shots. I had to sell all of my turtles in order to get tickets to see h2.Halloween was my enthuasm towards horror films. Michael Myers is different than any other horror icon and can’t be compared with any other icon. Ever Friday night I watch a Halloween movie. My collection of Halloween is very small. I ask my mom for money to buy a Michael Myers mask on the prop shop she said I was crazy spending that much money on a mask. I wrote this to see if I could win

and my collection could really mean something special to me.
Damienserna Tuesday 9/01/2009 at 06:43 PM | 53727
I have to be the Ultimate Halloween fan to suffer through watching Halloween 2 online. It is horrible and torture to have to watch it this way. Either way though congrats to the one who wins and this place and the Prop Shop kick @ss for doing this. Thanks alot guys and look forward to more of these.
cropsy Tuesday 9/01/2009 at 11:55 PM | 53741
im a die hard fan of halloween and i wish i could win and get my first mask of michael myers.some people hated h2 but i loved it. haloween started it all for me. michael is the best horror icon than anyother
cazporcarlos Wednesday 9/02/2009 at 12:49 AM | 53748
im a die hard fan of halloween. if i win i could have my first

mask in my collection.michael is my favorite horror

icon .michael started it all for me. some people hated h2 but i loved it.
cazporcarlos Wednesday 9/02/2009 at 12:56 AM | 53750
First off I believe I am biggest Micheal Myers fan for 3 reasons. One being I own every Halloween film to date bedes Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. I even own the original on Blu-ray. Two being that I own the original Halloween Poster with the original Micheal Myers mask. Three being that I believe the original Halloween (1978) shocked it's audiences through the use of sound and the mple fact that Micheal was in general a creepy guy to look at. John carpenter made a master piece by mply putting you in the eyes of Micheal Myers looking out the mask. And his breathing is also a very nice touch. The "Theme song" created by John Carpenter is just a clasc theme song you can still listen to this day. This was the first and without doubt the best in the Halloween franchise. Carpenter shows great restraint in pacing the story very slowly and building likable characters which is unusual for a horror picture. Even more unusual is the non-existence of blood and gore, and yet it remains the scariest Halloween to date. Get that! I also believe that Halloween 2 (1981) is one of the best horror sequels to date. I also like the fact that Rob Zombie brings back Danielle Harris is his Halloween franchise which was a really smart move on his part I think. I am the biggest Micheal Myers fan because I believe he is more original and scary then any of the other horror

movie icons such as: Freddy, Jason Voorhees, and even

Chucky. I have been Micheal Myers numerous amounts of times on Halloween at parties. Sometimes I almost feel like I am Micheal sort of in a way. Hah Just joking! I love Rob Zombie's Halloween and I would love to win the mask or any of the prizes. I also wrote

a movie review for Rob's Halloween 2 which I will also post here. A lot of people are disliking

the film and this to all of them.

My Halloween 2 Movie Review: When I first wrote the review for the movie it was almost 2,000 words long. I Come to find out that which is the Internet Movie Data Base if no one knows only allows 1,000 words for comments.This seriously made me extremely mad.I really did feel like a screen writer that wrote a movie screen play and had to cut it down to a short film.

This is the final result for my review which should be posted on by tomorrow! I wrote this review for all the people who hated H2. This is exactly for you! And I hope you all enjoy it here at as well.

Subject: Why does everyone hate this movie? H2 is a great film and here it why!

First I don't understand why everyone is hating on this film. Did you people not know what kind of movie you were going to see when you bought the actual ticket? It is written by Rob Zombie.So I honestly knew this movie was going to much different then the Rob's 1st Halloween film.So all the people complaining about all the curng & the *F bomb* being thrown all over the place.If you have seen any of Rob's previous films you should have expected this.

Now on to more important things.I love the way the film started with Laurie waking up on the stretcher in the hospital & all the screaming.That was ck really cool plus it sort of freaked me out. I also like how Rob kept it somewhat authentic to the original H2 in 1981.By having Micheal chase Laurie through the hospital. I thought those were some of the best shots in the film...Especially when Laurie is running outde in the rain & Micheal is behind her!

Why are you people complaining about all the killing. It's supposed to be SLASHER FILM people! I don't understand what you people are thinking.Rob Zombie gave us more of Micheal's background story in the 1st Halloween.So I knew in this 2cd film there was going to be more kills & blood & less of a story plot.Which is exactly what I wanted.Because in the 1st film I did enjoy having a little background history on why Micheal is the way he is.But I still wanted more killing.Which is what Rob has delivered us here.This is a strait slasher gore fest.Micheal kills everything & everyone in ght trying to get to Laurie. He even kills a dog & eats its indes! Very cannibalistic! I also dislike how people are disng on the characters of "Laurie" & "Annie".Would you be the same a year later if something like what happened in the first film happened to you?

Why are people complaining about Rob Zombie putting his wife in every movie? It's his film he can put whoever he wants in it.Seriously why complain about her in this movie when she barley had any lines or much acting to do.Why would he not he put the same mother in the second one? She did an alright job to me in this film due to the main fact that all she does is stand bede the white horse telling Micheal to bring Laurie home.Some of the people that are writing reviews on IMDb need 2 think a lot more about what they are thinking & typing when writing a review.For all of you still complaining & wondering what the "White Horse" has to do with anything?

Did you even watch the movie or did you miss the first five minutes while buying Drinks & popcorn at the snack stand? The White horse theory is explained & written in the first few lines at the first of the film. I believe it is an excerpt from "The Subconscious Psychos of dreams" Rob can't be perfect people you have to use your own imagination when watching a film.Not everything can be explained for you in a movie!

There is only one thing that people are saying on IMDb that I do agree with.That is Dr.Samuel Loomis's character.Rob just did not give much thought on his character because he was thinking about what to do with the rest of the movie.I'm not sure but you can ask Mr. Rob if you like! Because I agree Rob did make Dr. Loomis look like a complete *DoucheBag* That is one of if the biggest flaws in the movie.

Now on to the middle & the ending.I was sort of very sad when Annie died in this one.I really wanted her to live for some reason. I liked her character & sort of had goosebumps when Laurie comes in to find her best friend dead & slaughtered again in the bathroom! Now to give my point of view of the ending is my point of view. So many of you Halloween fans might take the ending in different. But I almost sort of expected it.The thoughts in my head before seeing the movie was that in this 1 Laurie is either going 2 die which probably most likely would never happen or that she would kill Micheal & end the series all together.

I believe that Laurie mply went crazy after the first encounter with Micheal &then having to deal with him again in this second film made her a bit more how can I say this Hardcore, stronger, & a lot more crazy.Oh & the thoughts about her taking Micheal's mask off in order for her to kill him is a good theory.But ya I strongly believe that Laurie lost it after the first encounter & having the vions in this film only backs up my theory more. So I loved how she stabbed Micheal to death & came out with the mask on! I thought that was so cool on Rob's writing &directing part. To sum it all up to the very last shot in the movie with Laurie smiling at the end in the psycho ward should tell you all something!

Come on people think about it?! Use your imagination.I know Rob's not going to do another one and I appreciate him for that. *Hint Hint* He did only continue "House of 1,000 corpses" with "Devils Rejects" & hopefully will not return for a third installment! I believe Laurie Strode is now somewhat sort of Micheal Myers in a way.Thank you Rob Zombie for completing & ending the franchise the way you wanted to do it! I enjoyed it. No one walked out of the theater where I watched it here in Oklahoma. Thanks Rob Zombie & I hope you continue to make more films as good as this one and your previous works of cinematic art.

- Written by: P1ug (Lo9an)

Here is a couple pictures of me and plus my Halloween 2 (2009) movie trailer created by me posted on you tube. I hope you trust me and believe I am mply the biggest Micheal Myers fan in the world!

PMichealMyersStyle.jpg PMichealMyersMask.jpg

My Halloween 2 movie Trailer:
p1ug Wednesday 9/02/2009 at 02:56 AM | 53770
I beleive I'm the biggest Halloween fan for a number of reasons. First off I believe that the essence of the Holiday itself is the core of why it's my favorite, a day that all the "normal" people can break out of their shell and wave their freak flags high. As far as the films go though, I am bar none the most diehard fan. I have all of the films even with the varying editions, from the original extended , to the producer's cut of H6 and even the workprint of RZ'S remake. And, unlike alot of the diehard Halloween film fans, I am one of the few that actually got the most recent H2 installment. Alot of these so called fans have done nothing but litter the message boards with how much they hated the new Halloween film, how much do you want to bet that at least half of these critics are entering this contest for what was it again, oh yeah an awesome Propshop H2 mask. I'm not hating at all, I'm just saying that real fans of the new film will give this mask a great home. I know that if I win it I will be tting down for a third helping of the new film and will make my wife take pictures of me at the theater wearing it. Thanks again for having these awesome contests. Good luck to all of you who entered the contest, I wish I had a fraction of the awesome stuff that you guys have.
marr5108 Friday 9/04/2009 at 08:10 PM | 53922

WOW!!! We've really got some die hard Halloween fans here.

First, many of you deserve this mask but there can be only one winner in the end.

We narrowed it down then randomly selected who would walk away with the Prop Shop Psychopath Exposed Mask . . .AND THE WINNER IS . . . .IS . . . STRANGERATHOME

Congrats bud on winning the Prop Shop's Psychopath Exposed Mask.

You'll receive a PM soon.

A HUGE Thanks to all who entered.

It's obvious Halloween's fan base is alive and well

DaShape Saturday 9/05/2009 at 03:00 AM | 53958
CONGRATS MAN! although i didnt win the mask this contest kicked ass! thanks for putting up such a great contest horrorbid and thepropshop! lets seem some worn shots of that BEAST strangerathome!!

hallowbanana Saturday 9/05/2009 at 03:26 AM | 53963
HOLY CRAP! I just got the BESTEST P.M. EVER!!

THis is so freakin' great! I can't believe I won!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!

You guys all totally ROCK! I am so friggin' grateful for such AWESOMENESS!!! You guys really are a fantastic community, and I'm happy to be a part of it!

WOO HOO!!!! Man-o-man, this is great! Thanks HORRORBID and PROPSHOP!!!! (especially Casey!!!)




Don't worry, I'll get some pics of it up as SOON as I get it!

Cheers to all who entered!!

strangerathome Saturday 9/05/2009 at 04:34 AM | 53972
Congrats to you strangerathome!!! It was a great contest and aweome prize.
cropsy Saturday 9/05/2009 at 09:22 AM | 53978