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Darren Lynn Bousman's MOTHER'S DAY (2011) Review

“Mother’s Day” is very reminiscent of film’s like “The Last House On The Left” and “I Spit On your Grave.” There is a formula to these films and you either buy into it or you do not. I for one thought “Mother’s Day” was a enjoyable horror film that really proves to be better than it’s original. Showing that remakes can do the original justice, if not surpass them.

Rebecca De Mornay plays “Mother” and she plays it well. A bit too calm at times where it could have been a “wow” of a performance to snap when things went bad, but otherwise solid and well casted actress. The film is good because of it’s horror movie set up, character driven moments and practical kills. It is refreshing to see this type of horror film every once in a while.

The moments in the film I like the most are the moments where human survival will be put to the test with the victims having to go against each other. It is ironic because the man directing the film, Darren Lynn Bousman directed “Saw II,” “Saw III” and “Saw IV.” Bousman really zones in on the Mother character and who she really is despite her pompous demeanor. Certain plot points I wish were not true just to add to her character and raise the intenty of the character from it’s already crazy state.

There are eight victims in the film which do not let you down in terms of less torturing and more tuational killing. Seems to be clever for this kind of formula that could get tired fast in it’s one hour and fifty two minute running time. That is not the case jumping right into the set up and getting down to buness.

The difference between this being amazing and good is the judgment that characters have throughout the film in tuations that they are not being advised. I think that is a common complaint amongst horror films and the out in this film could be there are a lot of characters and not all of them are thinking the same in this terrible tuation. Just goes to show you, everyone reacts differently in a life or death tuation and the body count at the end of this movie, for the most part proves who is smarter or just plain lucky.

Rating: B

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