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“The Bleeding House” is a film that could be great given it’s setup and characters. It falls a victim to it’s victims and at times, messy storyline. I want this movie to be great but it is just fine being a psychological horror film with just enough to make me like it.

In “The Bleeding House” we meet a family that is having “problems,” but not just any problems. Everyone is bacally made out to be a killer for the most part and then another character comes into the picture for you to question things even more.

As the movie goes on you learn that certain plot points are not true over other plot points. It just about gets to the point where it is tolerable and rides the fine line of “okay, that was good.”

I have to appreciate the not so typical character setup that the film presents very early on. I think it works for the reason that you feel like you can not trust anyone at anytime. You are constantly finding out more and more information about each character’s past and what got them to where they are at the present time that at least makes it interesting.

The title says it all going into the setup. First time writer/director Philip Gelatt knows what he has and tries some cool twists and turns along the way. Something that he is not totally conscious of is his characters. Patrick Breen plays Nick, a good character that drives the film in the direction that is pleang but slightly off at times with some throw away dialogue that is sprinkled throughout to give you some sort of back stories for main characters. My complaint is that it is not always clear what exactly happened with each character. The dialogue is too subtle. I wish it was more cut and dry.

There is some bad acting such as the character of Lynne played by Nina Lisandrello. The B-plot with her character at a certain point was a bit on the absurd de of things and there is a scene with cops that was questionable. Again, I always felt like I was misng something and that took some character development away from the characters. The reason I pull out liking the film is because of the ideas that characters convey throughout the film.

The character I gravitated towards the most, especially towards the end of the film was Gloria. Who plays the oddest of characters. Gloria goes in a direction that was awesome on the surface but the end result was disappointing in the climax of the film. I was ready for an origin story of a killer and instead I got a bunch a killers killing each other. Which still plays out good, but I thought it could be so much more.

Rating: B-

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