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Bringing New Meaning To The Phrase "Speed Demon" - SUPER HYBRID (2011) Review

Killer car movies are very unappreciated. In fact, my one complaint with the sub-genre is that there aren't enough of them out there. Bedes the obvious (Christine), you'll be hard pressed to name a lot of other murderous automobiles taking center stage in a film. There are good ones (Maximum Overdrive), and it's incredibly hard to find bad ones. The sub-genre really flat-lined in recent years, so I was very hyped to find out a new killer car feature was being released, called Super Hybrid. I bought it at Wal-Mart today for $10 (cheap, condering most of the new independent movies on DVD were typically $15. I should have taken this as a warning), and was very excited when I put it in the DVD player. Well, here it is, the brand new...

Super Hybrid 2011 Review

We begin with two drunk young adults finding a sweet, red Corvette that is unattended and has the keys in the ignition. The two pile in as the doorhandles disappear, the ignition goes away, and the two start screaming as they are killed. The car morphs back into its original form, drives into Chicago traffic, and causes a huge accident. The car is taken to a compound and is left there with the mechanics. The group discover that it is unlike any car any of them have ever seen, with apparently no engine and made of a non-metallic material. Soon, the car comes alive and begins hunting them down in the compound.

While the acting and special effects are good, Super Hybrid succumbs to the worst posble thing to happen to a film: It's boring. The film's ultimate weakness is the awful PG-13 rating, which makes it have almost no gore, no scares, no real violence, nothing. The majority of the film is car chases that build no suspense whatsoever and ultimately disown the movie. When the car kills someone, it almost always just runs them over or sucks them into it, so we never really see how it eats anyone.

As I said, the special effects and acting were the saving grace of the film, and make it actually somewhat worth watching. There's your standard cast of characters, like the strong female, lazy secretary, the guy who I just know is a stoner, the likable guys, and the essential asshole boss. Small spoiler here, but the asshole makes it to the end. Yeah, I know.

The film could definitely pass for a bad Syfy original movie, and this is one time the low-budget actually makes things worse. If it had a bigger budget and could pull off more extravagant exploons and action sequences, the film would be way, way better. Like I said, the special effects were very nice and I thought the monster under the hood of the car is very cool, despite being a product of CGI. The car itself was also cool, and this time, it can transform into different types of cars. I didn't like this idea at first, but warmed up to it as it went along. Also, the ending made no sense. I highly regret spending my hard earned cash on this film, and I see no need for you to as well. The only good thing that may result in the purchase is the posbility of a new (and better) killer car movie to be made due to the success of this one. Just rent it from Redbox.
ObscureCinema101 Sunday 8/28/2011 at 09:52 PM | 81712
they don't make a lot of "killer car" type flicks because they suck lol - Maximum overdrive was every bit as bad as King himself admitted (though there's a nostalgic quality to it, deep, deep down lol). Christine on the other hand is an extreme rarity.

Good examples of "killer car" type movies:

Duel (fantastic, though there's humanity at work here, not just some supernatural shit) Death Proof (see above, also boasts some of the finest dialogue you'll ever see in a horror flick: Butterfly/Stuntman Mike big exchange is fucking FLAWLESSSSSSS!!) The Wraith (fucking awesome 80's insanity!) original Hitcher (see the first two)

There was a (I believe) Ghost House (could have been one of Fango's releases) flicks that's bacally about a murderous semi; it has some nice qualities, but it's got some pretty glaring negative issues as well. Overall, it's worth a look, though i cant fuckin remember the name of it off the top of my head, dammnit!
Matt_Molgaard Monday 8/29/2011 at 01:27 AM | 81726
You forgot a pretty descent movie from the 70': The car (1977) worth watching it, that would be my second favorite "evil

car" flick after Christine.
Hur4c4n Tuesday 8/30/2011 at 05:39 PM | 81858