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Area '51', Modern Monsters with a Touch of Vintage (Review)

I missed the Sy-Fy channel’s debut of this goofy little monster movie, but thanks to After Dark Film’s, this entertaining little effort is now available on disc. Though the film is heavily flawed, it’s a fun tribute flick with plenty of nods, a light hearted appeal and a solid cast that offer forth some fairly capable performances.I won’t get too in depth in regards to the plot; there isn’t much meat on the bone here, and truth be told, writers Kenny Yakkel and Lucy Mukerjee never so much as flirts with pretention. That awareness ultimately aids in the creation of a lly cheesefest that feels like the surge of B monster movies produced in the 1950’s served as the film’s core blueprint. It should go without saying that if you get a kick out of vintage rubber suits and goofy gore, you’ll definitely find some amusement in Area 51.

Genre favorites, and B movie regulars, Jason London and Rachel Minor are fine as a pair of unlikely heroes, while Bruce Boxleitner and John Shea make for impresve backup. There are some stiff performances in tow, and a few shaky moments from some of our more reliable players, but all in all, the action is played lightly, and a few of the cast members go damn near as far as to wink at the camera; this ensemble understands and acknowledges the content they’re working with.

The special effects are all over the place. In one moment you’re gazing at some high caliber aesthetics, the very next you’re eyeing a little fellow in a goofy rubber get-up that you could have made for a special eighth grade art project. Somehow, the inconstency feels ever-so appropriate, as it matches the quirky mood of the story itself.

Don’t vit Area 51 expecting some groundbreaking extraterrestrial feature: you won’t get it. I recommend entertaining this one with a cold case of beer, a pizza and a few friends. The proper surroundings should fortify the film’s qualities.

Grade: C+
Matt_Molgaard Monday 9/26/2011 at 12:30 PM | 83295