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Don't Take a 'Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings' (Review)

As a fan of the Wrong Turn franchise, I had really high hopes for the fourth installment, Bloody Beginnings, which serves as a prequel. Trailer’s appeared absolutely radical, and for some odd reason, the idea of our cannibalistic trio painting snow covered mountains a deep ruby red certainly seemed appealing. Sadly, those gnarly trailers were probably the best aspect of the entire film.

I don’t even care to dive too deep into the storyline itself, as it’s loaded with enough plot holes you could fall into one and disappear forever (there really isn't any pertinent info included anyway). Having said that, I will sketch it out briefly: viewers learn that these Virginia natives find themselves locked up in the Glenville Sanatorium back in the mid 1970’s; just a few inbred man eating teenagers, locked up and tucked away from society. They obviously escape, do some slaughtering, and then it’s fast forward to contemporary times.

Interestingly enough, despite a few decades pasng, these goons are still holed up in the now abandoned ward, which rests in the middle of no man’s land, surrounded by mile-high mountains and feet of snow. Enter our latest group of victims, who are, by a landslide the most annoying cast assembled to date. This group of dipshits (there’s roughly 10 clowns in this pack) get lost in the mountains while looking for a cabin owned by one of the group. Of course, they stumble upon the old abandoned hospital, and opt to take refuge there.

One Eye, Three Finger, and Saw Tooth are all lurking about, waiting to dispose of these goons, and they don’t waste much time in making that happen. Unfortunately for viewers, there isn’t a ngle protagonist to pull for; they’re all horribly annoying, cardboard cutouts who completely fail to seize any quality that may make them actually stand out amongst the ensemble. Of course some terrible scriptwriting doesn’t help the character cause, but for the love of all things horror, one likeable figure could have made this one a whole lot more enjoyable: just one! As a viewer, all I really wanted from this film was to see these morons disposed of, and final credits roll; there’s just nothing else to hope for, and you’ll realize that once you recognize that the gore isn’t even particularly impresve.

The Wrong Turn franchise has seen its ups and downs. The concept of a prequel, and getting a chance to learn a little villain history sounds like loads of fun. It isn’t, and you’re not really going to learn a damn thing about the series antagonists, other than the fact that they were just as hungry in ’74 as they are today. Sadly, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings feels as though it was tossed together with the sole intent of bringing in a few bucks from suckers like me who believed there may be some depth to tap into by traveling the prequel route. As Harvey Keitel would say, “Don’t be a fool!” Avoid this one like the plague and save some time, money and unnecessary frustration.

Grade: F+ (the plus is for some decent T&A)
Matt_Molgaard Tuesday 11/01/2011 at 05:28 PM | 86282
I give it a C- because it had some creativity but the characters and the direction they took was stupid. but I thought the second one was the best.
hm4life Tuesday 11/01/2011 at 08:05 PM | 86288
i didnt really see any creativity at work tbh. It was like they said, 'hey, let's go ahead and make an American veron of Cold Prey, but we'll make the bad guy(s) those crazy fucks from Wrong Turn'

absolutely soulless.
Matt_Molgaard Tuesday 11/01/2011 at 08:24 PM | 86289