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Robert Pattinson is Miserable as the 'The Haunted Airman' (Review)

After a U.K. televion release THE HAUNTED AIRMAN sat in DVD limbo for three plus years. After picking up this 2006 ghost tale it's not hard understand why. Injured pilot Toby (THE TWILIGHT SAGA's Robert Pattinson) Jugg returns home after being paralyzed in action. His Aunt (by marriage only, as Toby himself points out) Julia (Rachael Stirling), whom Toby has been romantically involved with, is his only living relative and she encourages Toby to vit a rehabilitation facility to help deal with the phycal and mental scars the war has left on young Jugg.

But when Toby arrives at the hospital, there's little asstance to be found, resulting in absolutely zero rehabilitation of any form. In fact, this place seems to have quite the oppote effect on Toby; rather than improve his phycal or mental state, these eerily quiet halls, quirky company and endless shadows only seem to drive Toby into a deeper depreson, actually restricting any phycal progress in the process. Strange hallucinations and limited phycal contact lead Toby to reach out to his aunt (/mistress), but Toby's letters go unanswered until he finally realizes that Dr. Hal (Julian Sands) Burns has been intercepting his messages and reading them for himself.

A confrontation with the awkward Dr. Burns eventually leads to legitimate contact with Julia, who actually comes to stay at the hospital with Toby. But upon having arrived Julia seems to take more interest in the, uh, functional Dr. Burns, than her secretive lover Toby. Needless to say the outlook doesn't brighten from this point, as Toby's madness (if you want to call it that?) only intenfies. A final showdown between Toby, Julia and the good Doc will ensure at least one does not escape alive.

This excruciatingly boring junker is an adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's piece THE HAUNTING OF TOBY JUGG, which I've personally yet to read. If it's anything remotely milar to the story revealed onscreen however, I'll likely just save myself the time (no disrespect intended, the book may be a wonderful piece of art - I just won't be finding out anytime soon myself). The story itself is extremely convoluted, and despite specific attention to detail in spots (there's some nice technical work put on display by cinematographer Jeff Baynes and Steve Oakes who helps assemble some creepy sets) there's really not much in terms of tangible direction. I could probably continue to compile a novel of negativity about this flick, but I'll do us all a favor by wrapping now and mply saying: don't see it!

Grade: F


A ngle trailer is included. Yeah, that means the bonus material is as hearty as the picture itself.
Matt_Molgaard Friday 11/04/2011 at 02:27 AM | 86429