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How Sharp is the 'Love Blade' (Review)?

Surging California based filmmaker Jason Rudy’s pasonate effort, LOVE BLADE is a twisted combination of love, frustration, and strong homicidal tendencies. While that may sound as though I’m describing marriage, I’m not. In fact, LOVE BLADE’s focal character Rose (played by Tiffany Arscott, who makes her feature debut), can’t even seem to make it past first base without being overthrown by a quiet but insatiable lust for bloodshed. Rose’s need for ultra-violence isn’t an embraceable quality however, and she’s well aware of it - which is exactly what sets our story in motion, a need for some form of… normalcy.

Unable to form any kind of serious relationship due to her... different romantic tendencies, Rose embarks on a mison to find some form of remedy to her problem. After meeting Sam (Rae Wright), another woman suffering from milar afflictions, Rose discovers new avenues of therapy to peruse, and new hope that there may be some sort of resolve for a woman with her condition. This mple, yet multaneously difficult task phons some great moments from Tiffany Arscott. She may be green on the acting front, but the 26 year old shows a great deal of promise. Carrying the weight of an entire picture is a difficult challenge for buness veterans, to see a “noob“ offer a versatile, and convincing performance is a rare (but warmly embraced) occurrence.

Whether or not Rose will in fact find the solace she seeks is really the guts of the film, therefore I‘ll refrain from spoiling the picture’s finale. I will however say this: there’s some cool scenes with some fairly mild, but effective gore, plenty of T&A, and some impresve supporting performances on display. The finale is also quite entertaining. Those things aren’t the only exercised tactics responble for making LOVE BLADE enjoyable, however. LOVE BLADE is really all about bac, but detailed quality writing that enables us viewers to ealy follow the picture, and most importantly, enjoy it at the same time. By sticking to the bacs, Jason Rudy has successfully eclipsed his entire catalog with this latest body of work.

Jason has shown some serious growth in more departments than just scriptwriting might I add. Rudy’s editing skills look markedly improved nce last years LAST ROAD TO HELL, exhibiting plenty of smooth trantions and impresve post production magic. Like his works of the past, Rudy makes his affinity for the gritty look of 1970’s grindhouse flicks overtly apparent. I for one love the grainy, 35 mm look - and Rudy duplicates it wonderfully. Take the strengths I’ve noted thus far, factor in some refined cinematography and you’ve got yourself LOVE BLADE, a spirited independent flick with a lot of pason and time invested.

Before I slip back into the cracks I’d like to say that if Jason Rudy continues to evolve and grow at this rate, we’ll see the man’s name all over marquees soon. Each project Rudy has tackled has shown conderable growth. This is indicative of a man who’s looking to improve upon established skills, and eliminate any past deficiencies. On the acting front, to call Tiffany Arscott’s performance spirited may be downplaying the tuation. We’re talking about a woman who’s spent very little time in front of the camera’s competently carrying a 90 minute film; that’s pretty damn impresve in my book. It may be a little early, but I do believe LOVE BLADE establishes both Jason Rudy and Tiffany Arscott as legitimate cinematic prospects. Keep your eyes open.Grade: C+


Unfortunately the DVD doesn’t boast much in terms of bonus materials. We’re treated to a few trailers for the film, and a pretty nice selection of photos are compiled to form a gallery, but there are no deleted scenes, excluve interviews, or commentary - which I would have admittedly liked to have seen in this case.
Matt_Molgaard Monday 11/07/2011 at 01:20 AM | 86593