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Lumonox Films: LAUNDRY NIGHT a Short Film WATCH HERE

Where do I even begin with LAUNDRY NIGHT?

This short horror film created by Lumonox Films does more in five minutes than most features do in an hour and thirty. The film is a brillant little piece which is both shot extremely well and is minus any dialogue for the films entire run. Something that I wasn't sure about going in but as stated by the late, great, Alfred Hitchcock: “If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.” The filmmakers do exactly that and produce a really fun short.


I personally love horror shorts, nearly as much as I do full-length features. They are quick little glimpses into the mind of what the writer and directors want the fans to see. The real challenge is telling a compelling story in that tiny window frame that conveys both emotion and intrigue at the same time. Much like taking a page out of one of Stephen King's short story novellas, you can often find horror shorts to be just enough icing on the proverbial horror cake. That is the case with LAUNDRY NIGHT.

The film opens with an attractive girl next door type that is mply at a lonely Laundromat trying to get her whites whiter and her brights brighter. The filmmakers pacing is perfect however the acting is what one might expect with a lower budget. Weird sounds, lights flickering and things misng seem to start an all out panic just a bit too soon and while it isn't anything new it is still executed well, minus a bit of overacting. Something that can be forgiven especially with what they throw at us (or her) next!

The greatest part of LAUNDRY NIGHT comes during what I will call the second act. All hell breaks loose and yes...a washing machine turns into a cold blooded killer. Sounds completely idiotic doesn't it? That is where great filmmaking comes into play and where this particular actress shines. Taking a page out of Sam Raimi's "EVIL DEAD" book, the filmmakers have the washing machine go berserk and lets just say that the linens get a little groovy with our starlet here. After a few brutal minutes and some bloody fingernails later we are reminded that we are vulnerable in this world and we could be snapped away in an instant. All this from a washing machine. Yeah, I didn't think it could be done either.

My only big gripe with the short was I felt that it lasted about 30 seconds too long. I really, REALLY wished the guys would have ended the film with the hand on the machine (those of you that have seen it will understand). I didn't hate the ending but I would have loved to see a hard cut and some fast-paced, thumping muc playing when the credits rolled.

All in all, this was a blast to watch and something I just had to write about. If you get a chance check out LAUNDRY NIGHT. It's a short that horror fans are sure to appreciate!
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