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No Flesh Shall Be Spared: Hardware (1990)

t for his sculptor girlfriend Jill. After all, It’s Christmas.

ts and they proceed to get nasty as Shades, head down, shows himself out. As they move from the shower to the bedroom we realize that they are being observed and encouraged in their sexcapade. No not by the robot (He’s not Bender), by her disgusting and obsessed neighbor, Lincoln (William Hootkins).

ts on Christmas, only to bring death. The evil are punished on Christmas and the good survive (for the most part).

There is so much there that you can rewatch it several times and still come at it from a different angle. Much like a Nine Inch Nails album, the film is layered.

As for the performances, Stacy Travis is fantastic as Jill, woman who is soft enough to be loved and hard enough to not need it. It’s a shame she never got any more great starring roles because she could have been Ripley-awesome.

Dylan McDermott, was someone that I really didn’t like when I saw the film in the theater. Bill Paxton was the original choice for Moe, so I held that against Dylan at the time. Stories vary as to why Paxton isn’t in it, but one states that its because he choose to do Slipstream instead! WOW. Anyways, the cast changed to to various production problems. Jeffery Combs was to play Shades, while John Lydon was slated to be radio D.J. “Angry Bob”. One thing that would have been interesting was that nead O’Conner was originally the cabbie that takes Moe and Shades across the river.

Regardless of the could have been casting, the film is a solid and powerful film that stands the test of time better than most Cyberpunk films and Slasher films for that matter. The film could have been a mple stalk and slash, but under Stanley’s direction, it has completeness and a motive that makes the experience far more satisfying.

So what kind of gore can you expect from a theme like No Flesh Shall Be Spared? In a word, juicy. There aren't a lot of kills in the film, but the ones that it does have count! Shots to the head, Vivisection, Lethal injection, Bludgeoning, and Eye-gouging all factor in.

If you’ve never seen this film, then pop it in during the holidays. It’s a slasher and a Sci-Fi film with a twist and a Christmas theme that doesn’t involve Santa, but does have a robot! What more could you ask for?

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sinful Celluloid Saturday 12/29/2012 at 02:03 AM | 99350
The movie came high recommended by a friend of mine who's into these futuristic sci-fi films. Saw it, thought it was pretty good. Entertaining for sure.

He did mention something about this movie being related to Judge Dredd. Anyone know what that's all about?
Slice 0f Life Saturday 12/29/2012 at 09:18 PM | 99362
watching it on youtube looks like an okay sci fi horror movie you cant go wrong withdario argento
riffmaster chris Sunday 12/30/2012 at 05:14 AM | 99371
While not directly connected to Judge Dredd, the film was on officially based on a story from 2000 A.D. and later reprinted in Judge Dredd Annual '81, who sued .
sinful Celluloid Sunday 12/30/2012 at 05:42 AM | 99372
I finally had a chance to watch this film a while back after hearing so much about it. I liked it. Slow parts where minimal and it was overall an entertaining film. I'd love to see more movies made like this as throwback films.
aceofspades70 Sunday 1/13/2013 at 05:38 PM | 99630