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Traci Lords and the Cave Girl: Excision (2012)

Excion starts off as one type of film before slowly getting real. The last 10 minutes of this film are unshakeable as the movie you started out laughing at chokes that laughter from you, leaving only a sense of disbelief and cold shock.

With all the constant garbage put out each year, a film like this tends to end up under the radar. Do yourself a favor and see this film. It’s a remarkable piece of film making.

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sinful Celluloid Thursday 1/03/2013 at 08:25 PM | 99440
I ordered this through amazon.Still waiting for it to arrive. Looking forward to seeing it.
Dimiter Thursday 1/03/2013 at 08:35 PM | 99442
Nice review! I too really enjoyed this film. It has left a charm on me that I can't shake off. I love Pauline's character and the film's overall genre-bending technique.
A.Silent.Hill Thursday 1/03/2013 at 11:52 PM | 99445
I read a variety of both potive and negative reviews about Excion months ago. nce polarized opinions only make me want to see a film more, I decided to rent it from NetFlix as it had just been released. Within a few minutes of starting the film, I fell in love with the uniquely bizarre combination of Todd Solondz-esque darkly depraved sexual humor and David Cronenberg type horror. I enjoyed the film so much that I immediately ordered it from Amazon and have watched it a few times nce.

To the adventurous viewer that appreciates quirky and dark cinema, I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Kind of like with a Ti West film, the director's incredible love and pason for the genre is evident in every frame. It is never really apparent that this film is low budget because all involved clearly gave their best efforts to the project. In particular, the performances from all of the actors are top notch, ESPECIALLY AnnaLynn McCord! If there was some justice in this world and the Oscars were more than a PR stunt for the Hollywood elite, McCord would have an Oscar nomination for this film. Her performance is that good! Also, who knew Traci Lords had a dramatic range! Her scenes at the end of the film are heart-breaking.

Fans that are already out there, check out the audio commentary featuring the director and lead actress. Their enthuasm for the project throughout the entire commentary is inspiring.

The big the heck can I see the original short film?!
Preston Eleven Friday 1/04/2013 at 01:06 AM | 99447