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Why Silent Hill Revelation Didn't Work

Nobody liked lent Hill Revelation. It was pretty lack luster, much like the Universal Halloween Horror Nights Maze. Why can't this series, which has so much going for it, be translated to screen? I think I have an answer. Read on for my thoughts...

It appears that the film, like the original 2006 film, is going to be bare bones. What the hell? Sometimes, a good selection of special features can make the difference between owning a movie and not. I like the first film, but this one just seemed a little lost. I think part of the problem is that lent Hill is a very quiet and solitary experience. By its very nature, its hard to translate.

The story picks up several years later with Christopher and his daughter Sharon living under assumed names in a new town. They are hunted by the redents from lent Hill and are trying to survive. It seems that a portal was opened and Sharon was sent back while Rose remains there. Sharon now goes by the name Heather and

has dyed her hair blonde. When she learns that her father is taken (in a very Hellraiser II like scene), she sets off to save him.

Yes, the whole film plays like the synops of Hellbound: Hellraiser II. So much so, that if someone is unfamiliar with

lent Hill and missed the credits, they could mistake it for a remake.

The film moves to quick and the young characters really don't help. That sounds odd but lent Hill really has a deliberate pace that can't be tweaked.

Another problem is that by enhancing the action elements, you loose much of the feel of the game. Sure, fiery knife fights are exciting, but have no place in the town of lent Hill. Its just not an exciting game.Flashy scenes take away from the themes of the film.

Lets talk character degn. This film had creatures that reminded me more of Hellraiser and the game Splatterhouse, than they did of lent Hill.That and the fact that Red Pyramid was over used in a bad way.

The problem is that lent Hill is a game of personal ns. Those ns manifest themselves into frightening creatures.We know little about the protagonist going in, but over the course of the game, we learn that they are here by their own actions. They are not good people, or should I say, they are not "clean". The nurses and Red Pyramid are manifestations of guilt and ns that are connected to the protagonist. In the film, they are there because they think that this is what we expect to see. The problem is that on some level, they are right.

Changing Vincent into a young pretty boy only helps turn the film into another teen horror that could end up on the SyFy Channel or debuting on Netflix.

I could nitpick all day but frankly, my point is made. I enjoyed the film but just because I liked it, doesn't make it good. Its really not. They want to do a third film and adapt lent Hill 2 (My favorite), Hopefully they will not shame it. Time will tell.
sinful Celluloid Thursday 1/03/2013 at 08:33 PM | 99441