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Blood for Irina (2012) (Blu-ray Review)

A psychological, bloody vampire tale and a fever dream inspired by Herzog, Rollin and Franco, ‘Blood for Irina’ turns its lens on Irina, a predator stalking the streets at night looking for blood. Having lived over a century and now living in a run-down seade motel with the motel manager, it’s clear they may have reached the end of the road. However, the appearance of a broken prostitute may yet change everything. Three people living life on the fringe, trapped in a world of literal and figurative decay, who may have more in common than they even know.

What we have here is a film that been called a bit of throwback to the erotic female vampires movies from back in the day. I personally found it to just be more of an artistic film than anything else and I’m sad to say that for the most part I wouldn’t call it the most exciting 70 minutes I have spent this year watching a movie. The movie could be praised for at least being different, as I believe there may be about five or x lines even said in the entire film. I just don’t think the movie was much fun and I’m afraid a lot of other people watching it might agree.

People who are much more favorable of student films might be a little more tolerant towards the style you get out of something like this. As I noted before, I can appreciate it. I just don’t know if I’d say that I like it. A lot of what goes on just seems there to help drag the film out rather than actually add anything of solid value to it. That seems to be the story of this one. This film is all art and little substance. It does, however, look about as good in HD as a film of this nature and budget can look. This just wasn’t my type of film when you take everything into conderation.

- R.I.P. The Riviera Motel - Outtakes - Deleted Scenes - Teaser Trailer - Trailer - Director’s Commentary
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