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Exhumed (2011) (DVD Review)

A moody, atmospheric horror in the Hammer tradition, Exhumed is the tale of a twisted family who, unable to leave their home, turn their captivity into a disturbing and violent game that will challenge their very reality. From Richard Griffin (The Disco Exorcist, Murder Univerty).

Richard Griffin movies always bring something new to the table and here with Exhumed that pattern is no different. We have a very slow, but interesting plot that builds to things and builds up a very unknown feeling around it as it progresses to it’s finale. The movie has the one-two punch of Sarah Nicklin and Michael Reed, but it also has horror legend Debbie Rochon and an awesome performance from the movie’s “Buttler” Michael Thurber. The acting seems to really make this movie what it is and needs much praise for that. You won’t get bored, even during the slower parts of the film.

Do we ever really get answers to all of our questions we have from watching a movie like this? The answer to that might come after a re-watch, but I don’t think the weird factor will turn you away for the most part. While the film isn’t done in the wild fashion of Nun of That or Disco Exorcist, it does seem to be a much more mature film and that could be a good thing for movie goers that found his other works to be a little too out there for their own taste. I, however, did like the film and would recommend everyone giving it a chance.

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