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The Fog (1980) (Blu-ray Review)

The sleepy seade village of Antonio Bay is about to learn the true meaning of the word vengeance. For this seemingly perfect town masks a guilty secret… a past steeped in greed and murder. Exactly 100 years ago, a ship was horribly wrecked under mysterious circumstances in a thick, eerie fog. Now, shrouded in darkness, the long dead mariners have returned from their water grave to exact a bloody revenge.

Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, John Houseman, Janet Leigh, and one of my personal favorites, Tom Atkins, all have big roles in this old school horror clasc. Now being a film by John Carpenter means instead of a lot of gore and rapid paced action, we get a slower and more methodical style of storytelling. A style that I normally am not too keen on, but when it’s done my Carpenter I tend to take the style over substance and enjoy things a whole heck of a lot more for some reason or another. I mean, don’t ask me to try to explain why anymore than I already have. It IS John f’n Carpenter in his prime ya know? Need one say anymore than that? When this movie was first made there had to be a few re-shoots and they added some stuff in due to the fact that some thought it mply wasn’t scary enough. I happen to think at times this film’s setting looks majorly creepy. I don’t know if it’s due to those re-shoots or not, but when it’s nighttime in the film, it looks the part superbly.

If I had a real complaint about it, it would be that I wish the whole thing took place during one night so that way we never had to deal with any of the stuff that happens in the daylight. This movie just works way better in the dark, in my own personal opinion.Now I also do wish the film had more of a body count, but can see why it doesn’t. I mean that IS sorta the point right? But I’d have liked more of a slaughter. That being said however, they mply don’t make films like this anymore. And from what I hear, Carpenter isn’t even making good films like this anymore. It looks creepy, it seems creepy,

we got a kick-ass romeo in Tom Atkins’ character and we have the awkwardly cute 1980′s Jamie Lee Curtis along for the ride to tie everything together. I know Adrienne Barbeau is a noteworthy name, but her character doesn’t do much for me. Still, a very solid movie and I think the ending is pretty cool as well. And, as far as a transfer goes, seeing how it was 1980 it couldn’t be perfect, but it comes close. We have a solid release all around.

- New 1080p High-Definition Transfer Supervised By Cinematographer Dean Cundey - Audio Commentary With Writer/Director John Carpenter And Writer/Producer Debra Hill - New Audio Commentary With Actors Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins And Production Degner Tommy Lee Wallace - New Interview With Jamie Lee Curtis - Tales From The Mist: Inde The Fog Featurette - Fear On Film: Inde The Fog Featurette - The Fog: Storyboard To Film Featurette
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