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Race War (2012) (DVD Review)

Get Ready For War! Nobody sells their junk in crack dealer Baking Soda’s territory – not even neo-nazis from outer space! Get mad, arm up, and start a RACE WAR! This is Tom Martino’s feature film based on his Alamo Drafthouse-winning grindhouse trailer, and unlike any blaxploitation movie you’ve ever seen.

This is one of the weirdest and wildest songs I’ve seen in a very long time. As a matter of fact I’d say it is a love it or hate it movie that has cult status written all over it. Then again, I am sure that is what they were going for with this one. As we pretty much see every stereotype you can think of being played out on screen, we also some of the craziest characters you will ever find. My favorite character and posbly the best part in the entire movie comes in the form of a jive talking Creature from the Black Lagoon character.

Bedes that I do wish the film was a bit shorter as it does seem to run a little long. There are also some jokes that don’t work out that well and sadly those are the ones that seem to get overused. There is, however, a wild plot and some good gore. Everything else in this movie might not catch your eye in a good way, but at least it is something different.

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