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Babysitter Massacre (2013) (DVD Review)

Years ago, on Halloween night, a group of childhood friends watched in horror as a member of their Babytter Club was abducted by a masked stranger.

Now, haunted by their tragic past, the young women plan a bittersweet reunion before heading off to college.

But on that night, a nister guest brings chaos and fear as one-by-one the women are stalked, mutilated and murdered…is the killer a specter from the past, or is there a new Babytter Club Killer?

Babytter Massacre might not mean to adapt many of the original Massacre movies pros and cons outde of name connection only, but I found this movie to have a lot of the same style as Sorroity House Massacre 2. Here, we have about as much nudity as anyone who likes looking at naked women could want, and while there was an attempt to make real characters I still didn’t find myself really connected to any of them. While not bad overall, it just seems like a T & A driven slasher film with a lot of torture porn methods tossed in. We do get a nice body count and some gore added in for good measure and that helps.

Henrique Couto is a very emotional director and there was certainly scenes where you could tell he was trying to put some raw emotion into the film, it is just hard to do that one moment then see the girl prancing around naked the next and still find any real connection. There was a reason final girls got their rep back in the day. More times than not they had the emotional baggage and stayed dressed. If you want people to really care what happens to a character it is best not to prance them around naked. The old massacre movies gave us T and A and little in the way of a reason to care about the characters. That was done for a reason and the reason is shown here. Still probably a better watch than such things as the original Soroity House Massacre and certainly Slumber Party Massacre 3.

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