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Loony in the Woods (2007) (VHS Review) Loony in the Woods (2007) (VHS Review) Directed By: Leo Leigh Rated: UR/Number of Tapes: 1 Available from Troma

A camping trip full of booze, burgers and boobs, seems like a nice way for a group of friends to spend a vacation they will never forget. Unfortunately, no one will be left alive to remember the trip! Something lurks in these barren woods, something more insane than a chainsaw-wielding psycho, something more brutal than machete swinging mama’s boy, and more savage than a tribe of flesh-eating cannibals. There’s a LOONY loose! And this LOONY will have you nging a different Tune! It’s not IF they will escape alive… It’s how many pieces of them will be left!

Loony in the Woods will go down as being the first VHS-only release for a studio in 15 years. Clearly Troma is pulling at the hearts of collectors and horror fans to recall the days of renting VHS at Mom and Pop video stores. That being the case, it makes Loony in the Woods perhaps more acceptable than it would have been on a mple DVD release. We got some strange characters (this is from Troma) in the woods as an apparent madman is taking them out. It is very old school and has some nice blood here and there. We do have some gore effects that just don’t do much for us, but it is the effort that counts here.

The wacky characters the movie packs is a bit of a hit or miss crew. There are some that can drive you batty while they are on the screen, but that just makes it more fun as you wait and hope that do die. It is THAT kind of film, but that isn’t a bad thing if you really think about it. I won’t lie, some of you will hate or perhaps loath this movie. However, I think with the VHS format the people that will be buying it or going to be the type of people that are in it for the cool factor of the release and the nostalgic feel of it all. And, if nothing else, Loony in the Woods on VHS helps fill a void that you can’t find in the current days of streaming and Redboxes. If you appreciate the old school days of VHS stores and have fond memories of it, then you will appreciate this release.

Well, this IS a VHS tape. Still, these trailers play before the movie. All of which you can also get from Troma at on VHS

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