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Your First Look At COLD FISH - Trailer is Here!

Bloody disgusting Selects: Cold Fish will hit the market in an uncut release. The film, directed by on Sono, will make its official, limited launch on August 5th. If you’re not one of the fortunate to screen the highly touted chiller, fret not. The film hits DVD on August 23rd with an Amazon pre-order option already available.

VOD viewers can get a glimpse of the film as it runs from September 23rd to November 22nd.

Film Synops

"In the film, mild-mannered Shamoto's teenage daughter gets caught shoplifting. A generous fellow fish-store owner and his wife appear to help resolve the tuation by having her work at their fish store. Too good to be true? You bet! Shamoto soon discovers the horrific truth about this seemingly perfect couple…who inextricably weave him into their grisly rituals. Inspired by true events, COLD FISH is a twisted, brutal, blood-soaked drama that reveals the underlying insanity of an ordinary man pushed well beyond the brink."

Check out the first trailer below.
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