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Full Mortal Kombat: Legacy Recap!

ted some nice background on Jax, Sonya and Kano.

There's some surpringly impresve cinematography on display here (there's a pretty pronounced sense of nostalgia here, as the action sequences feel like they fell straight from the reels of a quality 1980's action feature), and for the most part, the acting is rather polished. I would openly confess to finding this debut one of the finer webseries debut's in the relatively

Episode two concludes our segment on Jax, Sonya and Kano.

This is a stellar follow up to the first episode, as the visual elements of this short mirror it's predecessor, and the action is still balls-to-the-wall. In terms of plot lines, this one does a fine job of sealing up what the first episode initiated, though there are of course, still questions that loom.

Episode three provides fans with a look at Johnny Cage, his growing career difficulties and eventual unhinging.

This is a sleeper gem right here. The episode is assembled wonderfully, incorporating a lot of culturally relevant substance and a unique reality showesque vibe. The direction is a virtual polar oppote from the first two episodes, but it works quite well just the same.

Episode four acts as the first of a two episode run that tells the origin of Kitana and Mileena.

The most unique episode of the bunch, this intriguing little story boasts a clever combination of standard cinematic delivery, and dark anime. While I wasn't initially crazy about the new format, I've actually grown to find it quite stimulating, and rather appropriate for this specific installment.

Episode five concludes the origin story of Kitana and Mileena, further illuminating the glaring differences between the two.

If you weren't a fan of the animation presented in episode four, you won't find this installment too compelling, as the format is identical in nature. That said, this is a great episode, that while brief, phons more emotion from viewers than the previous four combined.

Episode x provides Mortal Kombat fans an inde look at (perhaps) the most famous MK character in franchise history: Raiden!

This episode is delightful in every way imaginable. The cinematography is brilliant, and there's such an eerie element to this piece that one could ealy label this a quality, standalone horror short. Things get truly chilling here, and the mood is set from the jump, as Lord Raiden lands himself right on the grounds of a mental hospital. If that's not the perfect setting for a horror short, I don't know what is.

Episode seven gives us a good idea of what kind of man Scorpion is, and offers a look at the feud shared with Sub Zero.

While this particular series installment doesn't boast too much in terms of action, there's some effective storytelling at work. As usual, technically the webisode is well crafted. The writing reaches a season peak, as is evidenced by how engaging the story truly is.

Episode eight acts as the concluon to the Scorpion and Sub Zero storyline, and it's every bit as enthralling as the previous effort.

If you enjoyed episode seven, you'll love the eighth, as it's every bit as emotion, technically on par, and packs one hell of a clong sequence. Witnesng Scorpion's motivation to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament is thrilling and a little unnerving, but a blast just the same.

Episode nine provides a wicked glimpse of both Cyrax and Sektor.

From beginning to end this episode is packed with action and some awesome special effects and transformation scenes. One hell of a way to close a season down, if you ask me!
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