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The Pit Wants What it Wants "Jug Face" Trailer and News!!!

Released in January at the Slamdance Film Festival, this movie is for sure out de of the box, and something different. That is always a plus. Enjoy this description of a twisted tale Bidites!

"Jug Face" is the story of a teen, pregnant with her brother's child, trying to escape from a backwoods community when she discovers that she must sacrifice herself to a creature in a pit.

Director Chad Crawford Kinkle's thoughts:

"The idea for Jug Face came from a trip to a southern folk pottery art museum in north Georgia. My wife’s aunt and uncle live just up the street from the newly built museum and wanted to take us by. The pottery that I found there was surpring.

It wasn’t the bowls or dishes, it was the face jugs that caught my attention. They were bac jugs but with ugly faces on them that were used to store moonshine and poisons for farming. I was immediately attracted to the disturbing, grotesque expresons of the faces.

As I watched a video of a potter in overalls talking about making face jugs, I saw in my mind a possessed potter with white eyes standing in a pit. Then I saw the potter craft a face jug with a girl’s face on it. I knew that it must be the face of someone from the community that the potter lived in. That the pit wanted her to be sacrificed.

The idea captured exactly what I focus on in my films; a southern gothic literature feel mixed with the eighties horror movies that I grew up watching."

Directed By: Chad Crawford Kinkle

Starring: Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, Sean Young, Larry Fessenden, Daniel Manche

Produced By: Andrew van den Houten, Robert Tonino


Source- Youtube
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