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"Welcome To The Bates Motel" Movie?? That's Right - Trailer & Info!!

Right in the midst of A&E's mega hyped up "Bates Motel" TV series comes a different project with a milar title and in the form an independent film that is called "Welcome to the Bates Motel". Take a peak at the trailer for Byron Turk’s "Welcome to the Bates Motel", which stars Jean-Louise O’Sullivan and Zachary Fletcher, with Ryan Dunn, Randy Bates, Matthew Mastronardi, Steven Smith, D’Arcy Webb, Dawn Sobolewski, Greg Smith and Shawn Seiger.

In the independent film, “Agnes Rickover is driven crazy by her obseson over a murder no one in town cares about. One year ago, her best friend died in a tragic accident at the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride and now Agnes must uncover the truth before the Haunt claims more victims.”

The release date is still to be determined says the film's official Facebook

page. Check out the OfficialWebte

as well.


Source- Youtube
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