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Robert Rusler's Black Asylum (UPDATE)

UPDATE!!!!!!!!! This was posted on Ruslers Facebook account today

5 days to go on deal is.... now we are getting lots of interest from Investors, Financiers and Distribution Companies! Great News!! nce we won't make our budget goal on Kickstarter we just need to build Pledge numbers. Whatever amount you pledge will be returned to your card in 5 days. Investors want to see fan support!!! So bust out a pledge and help us to secure Investor participation. Big thanks to everyone who has pledged, supported, liked and shared!!!!! Thanks to you who are about to....I will always be grateful!!! ... m?ref=live

All of his fans please donate one ngle dollar and show your interest to his investors!


Robert Ruslers BLACK ASYLUM


Want to know what the story's about?

Watch this teaser and you'll want to help us make this happen.

Please make a pledge to support the film here ... ack-asylum

My name is Robert Rusler, I have been an actor nce 1984. Please look me up on to see my credits. I along with my partner Jay Montalvo are launching our new production company ENTERTAINMENT PLAYGROUND. Black Asylum is our 1st of many films we plan to make. Our goal is to create a Horror Franchise with Black Asylum utilizing our many relationships we have accumulated over the years. We have many connections to produce excellent movie content with our recipe being to use seasoned veteran filmmakers. Please vit our webte to see who we are teaming up with to accomplish our goals. After Black Asylum is completed we have many other projects in store. We decided to make our movies by and for our audience. That is why we are here on kickstarter so as to avoid the studio mentalities and have the freedom to make what we believe to be killer content in the vein of Sergio Leone, Alfred Hitchcock and Sam Peckinpah. I will take what I have learned from working with A-list filmmakers and direct Black Asylum with all the pason and conviction of the natural storyteller I was born to be. Please help fulfill my dream so I can make a movie you and I will be proud of. Black Asylum will be clasc Horror combined with modern technology to scare our audience to death! This how I will stamp myself as a director and introduce Entertainment Playground as an innovative produduction company for the future! I will be eternally gratetful for any and all your help, thank you very much. RR

"Robert Rusler and I go way back. He is one of the best storytellers I know. I can't wait to see Black Asylum come together." -- Robert Downey, Jr.

An all-star horror film by Robert Rusler of A Nightmare On Elm St. 2, Vamp, Sometimes They Come Back and Weird Science.

Horror films got in my blood and now I'm ready to bring you the scariest horror film you've ever seen.

I'd like to tell you a little more about me and my partner." class="photoborder" />

Jay Montalvo & Robert Rusler - CoFounders of Entertainment Playground

Together, we've been working on this movie and our Kickstarter campaign for quite some time and now we are finally ready to share it with you, our fans.

We hope you will get totally excited and share it with all your friends.

Check out the awesome perks we've come up with and we are looking forward to seeing you here on a regular bas.

We'll be keeping you up to date on our progress and are ready to answer your questions about how we're going to make this movie and bring it to you.

Preparing for our Kickstarter launch!

And now a little bit about the story.

It starts with this.

Risks and challenges

I have been preparing to direct for the entire span of my acting career learning from some of the best in the biz. I have surrounded myself with experienced profesonals including EMMY and ACADEMY AWARD winning crew members. We have been developing our company and strategies with great detail. Performances from actors and crew will be our keys to success. Our Producing team has produced and directed many films and Televion shows which has aligned us to profesonal and experienced industry personnel. My experience growing up around the studios and working on many production sets, has prepared me for all challenges! I will surround myself with the best cast & crew which will make efficiency a priority.

Please make a pledge to support the film here ... ack-asylum
TheSkeletonCrew Wednesday 5/15/2013 at 07:57 PM | 100860
Could've sworn I saw a quick snipit of MADMAN, in there.
Dimiter Wednesday 5/15/2013 at 10:32 PM | 100862