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Trailer Arrives For YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER!

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In the summer of 2017, best-selling writers Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes began a live improvised storytelling Twitter exchange that created, in front of all of Twitter, a new twist on the summer camp slasher movie. Their story generated more than a million impressions, triggering national press buzz and a social media frenzy among fans who demanded it be made into a film. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER is fresh off its wildly successful world premiere at the renowned Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, where it was so popular, that additional screens were added during the festival. The film, which has been in limited theatrical release, will be making its international debut later this month at the prestigious Toronto After Dark film festival. And to date, You Might Be the Killer has also been selected by an incredible eight other film festivals in the U.S. and worldwide, with more to come.

Directed by Brett Simmons and starring Alyson Hannigan, Fran Kranz, Keith David, Brittany S. Hall and Patrick Reginald Walker.


"Sam, a regular guy finds himself on the run from a masked serial killer who has been brutally murdering his fellow camp counselors.

Desperate, Sam reaches out to his friend Chuck, who is an expert in all things horror. She becomes Sam's lifeline as he tries to evade death by avoiding common horror tropes and save his friends. But when Chuck challenges everything that Sam tells her, Sam must piece together what is really going on at the camp, as he races to uncover the haunting truth of the masked maniac’s identity and the mask’s supernatural powers… all before it’s too late!"

YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER, now airs on SyFy.
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