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They've Landed...Again! The Deadly Spawn Coming to Blu-Ray

The Deadly Spawn is one of those movies that you watch and you enjoy for all the right reasons. It's funny, scary, and has some truly wonderful special effects without CGI mucking it up. $20 says they remake it. Anyway, Synapse Films released The Deadly Spawn on a special edition disc, and it really was a good release. Well, the good folks over at Elite Entertainment (responble for releang such "clascs" as Splatter Univerty, Howling III, and the awesome Monsturd) feel the need to release this cult clasc on Blu-Ray as a Millennium Edition! Details below:

Special features:

-Audio commentary

-Still gallery

-Casting footage

-Theatrical trailer

-TV spot

-Enhanced opening scene

-Televion review footage

-And more

The Millennium Edition hits the street on November 22. List price is $19.95. Pre-order on Amazon: ... 098&sr=1-5

To see an image of the Millennium Edition (as the image is too large to show), click here:


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