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Details On Blu-ray/DVD Release Of HERE COMES THE DEVIL - Cover Art & Trailer!

HERE COMES THE DEVIL combines modern indie filmmaking and storytelling with a hint of '70s-styled psychological horror that may not just be psychological. Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro play parents Felix and Sol whose preteen son and daughter reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate mountainside after a casual hike became every parent's nightmare. The good luck and good fortune of their return soon changes, as the children's behavior suggests ominous and unspeakable events the night the children were lost that continue even now. As a loving couple and loving parents try to care for and protect their children, the ancient and half-whispered legends around the caves and the mountain and those who have gone there before become too strange to believe and too dangerous, no matter how insane, to ignore.

Written and directed by Adrian García Bogliano.

Starring Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez, and Michele Garcia.

Below is the cover art for HERE COMES THE DEVIL, a list of the bonus features, as well as the trailer.

Here’s the list of bonus features:

- Audio commentary by Bogliano

- Extended nightmare scene

- Behind-the-scenes comparisons

- Rehearsals

- Behind-the-scenes photo gallery

- Trailers

HERE COMES THE DEVIL will be available on Bluray/DVD March 18th courtesy of Magnet Releasing.
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