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KILL GAME Is Coming To Blu-ray/DVD - Trailer Is Within!

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Pulling pranks on people can be a lot of fun given the right circumstances. Of course you have to know when to back off and not continue to press your luck or else bad things can happen. Such is the case for writer/director Robert Mearns' new Horror film KILL GAME. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

KILL GAME stars Sari Sanchez, Joe Adler, Pierson Fode, Michael Galante and Laura Ashley Samuels.


"KILL GAME begins as a group of good-looking, shallow high school teens amuse themselves by pulling pranks on less popular classmates and teachers. However the teasing is not so harmless when one night, a prank goes horribly wrong and an innocent boy is killed. Covering their tracks by masking the incident as a drowning accident, the group lives with the horrible secret for years, never realizing that their actions will soon haunt them, with deadly results.

Five years later, they are shocked when one of them is murdered by a sinister serial killer donning a frightening mask. Soon, each of the group of friends is hunted down one by one in a manner that eerily mirrors the pranks they once pulled in high school. Whether it's karmic retribution, or the dead teen's spirit out for blood, one thing is one is laughing now."

KILL GAME is available today on Digital HD and comes to Blu-ray/DVD on January 5th.
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