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FRANKENSTEIN 1970 Is Coming To Blu-ray - Info & Trailer Within!

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Many decades after playing Frankenstein's monster in some Universal Horror films, Boris Karloff played the mad scientist himself, Baron Victor von Frankenstein, in FRANKENSTEIN 1970. Warner Archive has announced that they will be releasing the 1958 horror film on Blu-ray with a new HD master. Head on down below for details.

Although an exact release date is not yet known, lists Frankenstein 1970 for an April release, and we have the official announcement and cover art from Warner Archive's Facebook page:


"Is there a doctor in the house? At the eerie House of Frankenstein, the answer is “yes” – and he’s out to make right the experiment in playing God that’s doomed his family for generations.

There’s also a Karloff in the house, a fact that makes 1958’s Frankenstein 1970 a must-see for savvy fright fans. Twenty-seven years after scaring the daylights out of everyone as the lumbering monster in Frankenstein, Boris Karloff is at the other end of the laboratory switches and gizmos. He’s Dr. Victor Frankenstein, an aging, hulking shambles of dignity and menace who agrees to let a TV crew shoot a horror flick at the family castle. The crew members don’t know it yet, but they’re just what the doctor ordered: fresh body parts, ready for harvesting!"

Look for FRANKENSTEIN 1970 to arrive on Blu-ray very soon.
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