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TRILOGY OF TERROR II Now Available On Blu-ray - Details Within!

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Newly Restored in HD. Unleashed in the original classic hit TRILOGY OF TERROR, the demonic Zuni fetish doll carved its way into Horror movie history. Now the black-magic headhunter returns to life, headlining this diabolical anthology of fear.

The Graveyard Rats – After bumping off her wealthy husband, a money-hungry wife faces an unexpected complication: a cemetery crawling with flesh-eating rodents. Written by Richard Matheson (The Night Stalker) and Henry Kotter (The Wonky) and directed by Dan Curtis (The Night Strangler).

Bobby – Monstrous consequences result when a mother strikes a devilish bargain to bring her drowned son back from the dead. Written by Matheson and directed by Curtis.

He Who Kills – When an African Zuni fetish doll is tied to multiple grisly murders, a young scientist investigates and awakens an unspeakable ancient evil. Written by William F. Nolan (Burnt Offerings) and Dan Curtis and directed by Curtis. Starring Lisette Anthony (Krill), Matt Clark (White Lightning) and Geoffrey Lewis (High Plains Drifter).

Special Features:

-Audio Commentary by Film Historian Troy Hogarth

-Interview with Second Unit Director Eric Allard and Special Makeup Effects Artist Rick Stratton


TRILOGY OF TERROR II is now available on Blu-ray!
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