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TEMPLE OF SCREAM - The Ultimate Ghostface Fan & Collector

While SCREAM 4 may have not made the box office impact that Dimenon Films would have hoped for that hasn't stopped Anthony Torres, a high-strung young feature-film-trailer editor, who has been collecting memorabilia from Wes Craven's horror series nce 1996.

HorrorBid has always been a fan favorite spot for collectors and the dedication that fans go to for creating the ultimate "man-caves" never cease to amaze us. But Anthony Torres has taken his love for collecting to the next level, one that boarders on obseson and pason for a series he truly loves.

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, Torres spoke a little bit about his collecting and love for the series, that in 1996, broke all the rules.

"I spend about 25 percent (currently well over $3,000 dollars worth of collectibles) of what I make on Scream stuff," Anthony, 26, admits downstairs in the family living room. His mom says it's closer to 75 percent, but his younger brother, Chris, says it's ealy 90 percent. Anthony's friends Sean Hernandez and Nestor Arce concur with Chris. His grandmother just shakes her head. "He's crazy. He loves it," she says and laughs.

Living the dream, Torres has found fortune by getting his hands on limit runs of special "movie edition" Ghostaface masks all the way down to the thrift store $5 masks. It goes without saying that Torres is a fan of the fourth installment having went to great lengths to track down 5 tickets to Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. While waiting for the tickets to arrive Torres said he literally couldn't eat solid food the entire day. Dedication? We think so! Feast on the video below to see Torres' entire collection as he goes on a tour of his "TEMPLE OF SCREAM"

Source: LA Weekly
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