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Alchemy FX Studios: Must See Man Sized Alien Skull Sculpture!

Dave Ainsworth of Alchemy FX Studios (who I introduced to the horrorbid community mere days ago) just shot through some incredible images of an extremely creepy man-zed alien skull sculpture. I must confess, this piece of art is an absolute beauty to behold, albeit a tad chilling!

This particular piece of work is unique in it's grim, haunting nature, and the sheer ze of the creation certainly displays amazing dedication and countless hours of challenging labor: The sculpture measures approximately four feet tall by x feet long, and weighs roughly 150-175 pounds. Just imagine the brain that once filled that masve cranium!

This incredible set piece was commisoned for the Planet of the Vampire Women production, and we've got some set stills showcang this beast in all its on-screen glory as well as a few lovely images of the sculpture, standalone: check them out below!

In other great news for collectors, Alchemy is gearing up to produce a series of latex masks, which, based on past productions from Alchemy FX, is a plan that seeps major promise. We'll keep you in the loop as production gets underway!

If you're interested in this piece, or other works you've seen from Alchemy FX, be sure to vit the official webte, where you can contact Dave directly for all inquiries, including prices!
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