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Michael Myers And His Son? Happy Early Halloween Bidites!

With a little over two weeks away from our favorite holiday we take a look at one of the best custom Michael Myers costumes on the planet. Do we stop there? Of course not, this is HorrorBid. We have a father/son duo portraying the Shape and his son.

Below are some costume pictures of a couple of die-hard horror Bidites, Ken and his son Jayden (age 6). Before making the rounds this Halloween they took some fantastic father and son costume shots. This is what Halloween is all about. We would love to see more of your pics as we get closer to the holiday.

For all you "white" mask fans the custom masks worn below are Ken's WMP (White Mask Productions) Deranged 78/JC and CryptCo Warlock, Jayden's Cryptco Warlock repainted by Chris Morgan at WMP, and the other mask Jayden is wearing, the "Blood Tears H2" mask is just a store bought child ze Michael Myers mask Ken repainted himself. Now onto the pics!

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