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Brian Dunn's TRICK 'R TREAT Custom Limited Edition 'Sam' Latex Mask

Brian, Brian, Brian! Where do we even begin. Trick 'r Treat holds a special spot in our HorrorBid hearts so when we witnessed this bust for the first time our jaws literally had to be picked up off the floor. Sam is a horror icon and his legend will only grow as more and more horror fanatics witness the magic behind Michael Dougherty brilliant horror flick Trick 'r Treat.

Pictured above: Brians New "Veron 2" Limited Edition Sam Bust

So when you find amazing reproductions like this one you just can't pass it up. Artists sometime hit their mark and sometimes something is just a shade off. Not on this limited edition collectors piece. Brian Dunn nailed this and Sam's personality shines through in every minute detail. Below is a description from Brian himself.

"Trick ' Treat was a movie I enjoyed so much and believed Sam to be an iconic character. He was someone creative who stood out to me. He also had an interesting degn which challenged me to do this character. So far I have only done my own creature degns, this was my first at making a replica. It really helps to pay more attention to proportion and details. I have a few of my own degns i will be working on soon and i am planning on doing a Freddy bust and tiny from Killer Klowns, in the near future.

To order this piece, which is actually a "Veron 2" and to vit Brian's "Alter-Ego" webte:

Now onto the pics, we go from rough sculpt to finished painted product. This was the original veron of Sam below, he now has only 9 left of the new "Veron 2" which you can find on the te at the above link." class="photoborder" />
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