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EXCLUSIVE: 2 Brand New High-Res Images of NECA's "Evil Dead 2" Ash Figures

I don't get a chance to post enough on collectibles these days but I am honored to be able to show you Bidites 2 new images of "Ash" (Bruce Campbell) from "EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN". These come courtesy of NECA's new "EVIL DEAD" figure line that the company will be releang in February of 2012. Fans of collectibles and Deadites alike will be treated to the ckest, most authentic "Ash" figures to date. Not only that but fans are treated to the freaking "Book of the Dead" as an accessory along with a host of other cool add-ons.

Feast on the images below and somebody get me a damn "boomstick" already, these are a "must have"!

Source: NECA/HorrorBid
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